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Reach South Africa’s ICT decision-makers

When an ICT company books a marketing package on MyBroadband, they receive an unmatched return on their spend.

This is thanks to MyBroadband’s unrivalled track record of helping its advertising partners reach South Africa’s top ICT decision-makers

MyBroadband reaches a targeted audience of 3 million South Africans every month – the majority of whom are key ICT decision-makers:

  • 1.8 million IT executives and managers
  • 400,000 CEOs and company directors
  • 275,000 business owners

This is the largest community of ICT decision-makers in South Africa, which is why South Africa’s top technology companies make MyBroadband a major part of their marketing strategy.

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MyBroadband’s marketing products include sponsored articles with social media promotions, category takeovers, What’s Next interviews, video reviews, dedicated mailers, display banners, surveys, competitions, and much more.

When you book these marketing products with us, our marketing team will also manage every aspect of your campaign to ensure it delivers fantastic results – from creating your content to reporting on your campaign’s progress.

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Reach South Africa’s ICT decision-makers