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execMobile eSIM solutions – The best way to connect travellers and employees globally

A recent study conducted by Kaleido Intelligence found that the travel SIM market is experiencing a shift towards eSIMs.

However, execMobile’s interactions with South African users have found that 70% of users either have not heard of eSIM technology, or are wary of it.

Furthermore, while GSMA Intelligence research shows that 83% of enterprises consider eSIM an important technology, many local corporate customers are grappling with whether pre-paid or post-paid solutions are best for their organisation’s needs.

Leisure travellers generally prefer larger pre-paid data bundles which are valid for longer periods – and at execMobile, we believe that our pre-paid eSIM products offer great value for corporate customers, too.

Alternatively, corporate customers who want a post-paid eSIM can choose our Webbing packages.

Below, we unpack why execMobile’s eSIM products are the best way for both travellers and employees to connect globally.

Global and secure connectivity

Leisure travellers are no longer “silent travellers” and consume data on the move:

Employees working remotely also consume lots of data to perform their business tasks on the go.

In both of these cases, there are two main challenges: network performance, and cybersecurity.

Public Wi-Fi is a huge weak spot in terms of both of these things, and execMobile’s eSIM solutions solve these issues in the following ways:

  • We empower travellers and your remote workforce with the best networks available in our footprint (190+ destinations), improving the productivity of your employees and making content consumption easy for travellers.
  • We help you reduce the risk of data breaches, as cellular technologies are more secure than public Wi-Fi by design.

ExecMobile eSIM solutions add enhanced security into the equation, too, by giving you a private APN that isolates your endpoints’ data traffic from the Internet.

Stay in control of costs

To increase cost efficiency for our post-paid customers, execMobile provides a simple online management portal that lets you manage your SIMs, as well as understand, analyse, and control each user’s data usage.

For corporate customers, not only is it possible to apply usage caps, but we also offer advanced content filtering, so it’s possible to only get data for business applications.

Available in SaaS mode or via APIs, our web portal enables you to manage your eSIMs individually or in bulk, and it delivers advanced analytics and reports in real-time – enabling you to control and optimize your costs.

For pre-paid Voye eSIM users, cost control is assured, as you can simply select your bundle size in the supported country, and then monitor your usage through the execMobile app.

Remove complexity

There is no need to fear complexity when it comes to setting up your eSIM technology.

Don’t believe us? Have a quick look at our installation guide videos for iOS and Android.

While the video shows a simple QR code scan for a traveller, our platforms are even more advanced and we offer provisioning via EID for corporate customers and Voye in-app installation, making deployments even easier.

Pre-paid vs Post-paid

Our pre-paid Voye solution covers 130 popular tourist destinations and offers bundles up to 30GB for as little as $1.63/GB!

All Voye bundles are valid for a month – giving you more than enough time to maximise the bundle’s data allowance.

Our post-paid solution, Webbing, offers greater coverage in 190 countries and delivers per MB rates – suitable for those who are cost-conscious but need to remain connected for critical business communication.

Rates for key business destinations (UK, EU, US and Asia) are 40% cheaper than Vodacom and 70% cheaper than MTN, offering substantial savings over your local providers’ roaming rates.

Contact us

Speak to execMobile today and let us assist to ensure your corporate travellers arrive connected, with a solution that best suits your needs.

Alternatively, download the Voye application or head to the website and get connected today

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execMobile eSIM solutions – The best way to connect travellers and employees globally