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Keep tabs on your fleet and drivers

A business’s vehicle fleet is generally its second-biggest operating expense – after people costs. These costs can skyrocket, too, such as when a vehicle is stuck in traffic, or when a vehicle is involved in an accident.

However, the latest technological advancements can help. Video telematics solutions are designed to give fleet operators visibility into fleets and drivers through captured video footage.

In contrast to traditional telematics solutions, which collect and report numerical sensor data generated by a connected vehicle, such as location, heading, speed, braking, and impact, video is more holistic as it can go beyond the vehicle to gather information on the environment itself, including other vehicles in the vicinity, and road and weather conditions.

This information provides fleet operators with context or “situational intelligence” from the recorded footage, enabling them to understand why an event occurred, not simply that it occurred.

These solutions can record happenings in front of the driver, behind the driver, on the road, as well as the driver themself – either continuously upon vehicle activation or in smaller, curated segments when initiated autonomously by a triggering event.

The footage, accessible through a wireless network with a smartphone, tablet, or computer-based application, has many uses, such as post-incident forensics and safety improvement.

AI-enabled dashcams incorporate software on the device to automatically record video footage before and after an event based on pre-configured capture triggers, and the dashcams then forward real-time alerts (including the footage) to fleet managers.

In the event of an accident, reviewing the footage will enable fleet managers to determine the circumstances leading up to, during and after the incident.

This will enable a more factual claims process and reduce fraudulent or invalid claims, including possibly exonerating a fleet driver from blame.

AI dashcams provide immediate improved safety for drivers by monitoring driver attentiveness through facial recognition and alerting the driver in real-time through a speaker, in response to triggers like drowsiness, distraction, speeding, safety belt usage and mobile phone usage. This helps drivers stay alert on the road.

Fleet managers are provided with real-time alerts, supported by video footage. This allows for early detection of bad driving habits and associated risks, and steps can be taken to engage in proactive and targeted driver coaching, using the video footage paired with constructive feedback.

Driver and fleet safety is further enhanced by facial recognition on the edge coupled with a live look-in service. In the event an unknown driver enters the vehicle, the functionality will trigger an alert to notify the control centre, which can then look in on the activity taking place in the cabin and take appropriate action, potentially preventing the loss of the vehicle and cargo.

“The dynamic landscape of transportation demands innovative solutions, and video telematics stands at the forefront, reshaping how businesses navigate the challenges associated with fleet operations,” says Kobus Visagie, Executive: Business Solutions at Tracker South Africa.

“The potential for further advancements in video telematics promises even greater strides in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and overall success of fleet management.”

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Keep tabs on your fleet and drivers