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Embrace Field Service Software

Embrace ERP launches the Field Service Mobility functionality directly onto the Technician’s mobile device. Job card details are entered on their phone or tablet, the client signs on glass and it’s done – once.

No more back-office or finance teams chasing the paper-work, retyping the job card, and sending invoices.

Too often we’ve heard horror stories about how the Field Technician writes their job cards out manually on site and then submits them to finance (most times late) for invoicing once the monthly billing run is closed. Does that sound familiar?

Often the technician has to make an ad-hoc purchase to complete the job, but that expense may not always get recorded because the till slips get lost, so now there’s more money lost and not billed to the client.

The Embrace ERP Field Service Mobility App stops the money haemorrhaging. The cost of inputting a job card twice is gone. Money lost through lost job cards that were not invoiced is gone. Money is in the bank sooner, because late invoicing is eliminated.

Ad-hoc purchases to complete a job are billed to the client, because the slip is photographed, recorded, and uploaded directly into the ERP for billing against the client’s job card.

Jobs are now billed, on time, in full and accurately – by one person.

Embrace Field Service offers an online real-time solution designed to simplify common functions and eliminate mistakes. It has an easy-to-use mobile interface, with the ability to open jobs, quote on jobs, allocate parts, manage stock, capture charges, and record the time worked on the job.

Spelling mistakes are eliminated using drop-down menus with pre-populated information to touch and add to the job card on their phone or tablet. Optimised for mobile use, the full suite of Embrace programs, including the Workshop & Service Module, is available on IOS and Android devices.

Imagine running your entire business—quoting, scheduling, invoicing—from the field or the office with one system.

Embrace is not just an ERP system. It’s a solution that enhances interactions between your team and your customers. The Embrace Field Service mobility app places a seamless, paperless solution in the hands of your field service workers.

Embrace Field Service redefines efficiency on the go, ensuring that every action logged automatically appears on the Workshop administration system. This feature enables the admin staff to swiftly respond to any issues that may arise, with dashboard overviews providing a dynamic, real-time feed showcasing your worker’s task progress in the field, after appointments are completed, placed on hold, or sent back to the office for authorisation.

Whether it’s tracking job progress, capturing expenses, or generating reports, Embrace Field Service provides the tools and functionalities necessary for businesses to excel in their field service operations.

Visit ACS Embrace for more information on your next Enterprise Management Software solution, locally developed, locally supported, and with Field Service mobility included.

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Embrace Field Service Software