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Euphoria Telecom launches new corporate sales division to service bigger businesses

With 13 years of experience providing world-class business phone solutions primarily to SMEs, Euphoria Telecom is increasing its focus on larger businesses with the launch of a Corporate Sales Division.

The unit focuses on delivering the company’s local telephony innovation to big businesses, including large corporates and call centres, across various industries.

“We’ve provided services primarily to SMEs for over 13 years now, we have a number of large businesses on our books such as Takealot, Adapt IT and Seeff Properties.”

“We found that we were seeing more enquiries from and referrals from these businesses so we have created a dedicated unit to respond to their telephony needs,” says Head of Corporate Sales, Marizette Topham.

But while the division is new, Euphoria is no stranger to servicing large businesses, counting national franchises and beloved brands like Takealot, Famous Brands, and Vumatel among its clients.

“While the service you receive, whether you’re a big business or a small one remains the same, each comes with its own specific requirements, which is why a Corporate Sales Division seemed like a natural progression for the business,” Topham adds.

Euphoria’s solution meets the needs of corporate clients in a number of ways:


Big businesses are data driven and require different features and levels of reporting from their systems than a small business might.

In addition to providing data for the number of calls received, answered and length of call, Euphoria is also able to provide information that is important for excos to understand how the business is operating.

For instance, a call centre might require quality assurance data, so would want a scoring feature where customers can rate service.

Or for businesses with remote workers or offering hybrid work environments, time and attendance features allow managers to see who is logged in and working or not, whether or not employees are in the office.

But data is only useful if it is user friendly and easy to get, so a lot of time and development has gone into refining Euphoria’s reporting systems.

Functionality and flexibility

Because Euphoria’s solution is purely cloud-based, there is no major outlay for hardware on site.

This also means that systems are scalable and flexible, catering for growing or retracting businesses.

It allows for custom integration into a business’ existing systems, so a business looking for multichannel operations might integrate their email, calls, sms and Whatsapp, depending on their needs.

The system also integrates with platforms such as Zoho CRM, Microsoft Teams, and Zendesk, giving teams a single user interface to access high-level PABX functionality coupled with CRM features.

To ensure continued uptime, Euphoria connects to multiple connectivity service providers, so if one has an issue, a business can still communicate with its customers.


Anyone can offer a product but it’s the service customers receive afterwards that makes them stay with a company.

Euphoria works on a no contract, month-to-month system so customer service is key, whether the client is a small business or a large enterprise.

For larger businesses who want the security of a contract, Euphoria offers customised 3 or 5 year service contracts, with the customer benefiting from monthly discounts over this period.

“A key aim for us is to help our customers increase contactability and profitability and our data is showing that we are helping businesses of all sizes to do just that,” Topham says.

For a demo or more info visit or email [email protected]

Watch the video below to find out more about what the Corporate Sales Division can help your business achieve.

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Euphoria Telecom launches new corporate sales division to service bigger businesses