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LEROY MERLIN transforms customer experience with innovative interactive catalogues

LEROY MERLIN, a leading Home Improvement retailer with four stores in Gauteng, with a commitment to elevating their customers buying journey, has unveiled a cutting-edge and customer-centric initiative by partnering with Publitas to introduce inspiring, tailored, convenient, and enjoyable interactive catalogues.

The newly launched online catalogues seamlessly integrate instantly shoppable content, real-time product inventory updates, and rich media, establishing an inspirational channel for customers.

LEROY MERLIN is able to showcase defining brand qualities such as style, authenticity, and exclusivity, offering customers insights into styles, ranges, and the creative process behind the pieces and collections through high-quality images and videos.

Publitas, renowned for expertise in transitioning brands from print to digital, empowers LEROY MERLIN to deliver paperless, eco-friendly discovery-commerce experiences, aligning with the brand’s strong commitment to sustainability.

According to Publitas studies, approximately 50% of online shoppers are browsing without a specific purchase in mind.

The interactive catalogues aim to inspire and convert static catalogs into shoppable digital experiences. Key features of the interactive catalogues include the integration of videos, GIFs, and 3D images to provide an immersive discovery experience.

Cross-selling opportunities are highlighted through product and promotion spots, while customers can save and share favorite products, expanding their shopping reach.

“Our customers can now enjoy a visually engaging and interactive catalogue browsing experience from any device. The user-friendly interface allows customers to navigate effortlessly and discover inspiration,” remarks Prinershen Kamiah, Communications Lead at LEROY MERLIN.

Prinershen Kamiah, Communications Lead at LEROY MERLIN.

LEROY MERLIN’s decor department leverages the online catalog to meet customer expectations for a distinctive and high-quality brand experience.

Realistic visuals, curated collections, and engaging designer narratives are seamlessly presented, allowing customers to explore various collections and designers while making direct purchases through the catalog.

DIY helpful tips in the catalog empower customers by providing practical insights, fostering creativity, and enhancing their understanding of home improvement:

Follow the link to experience it:

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LEROY MERLIN transforms customer experience with innovative interactive catalogues