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ASBIS Africa expands portfolio with Canyon – Unveiling stylish accessories and wearables in Africa

ASBIS Africa, the foremost distributor of IT components and Consumer Electronic products, proudly introduces Canyon, a dynamic brand renowned for its stylish accessories and innovative wearables, as part of its portfolio.

This extends ASBIS Africa’s product offerings into the realm of fashion-forward tech accessories, leveraging Canyon’s expertise to deliver cutting-edge style and innovation to customers across Africa.

“We are thrilled to have Canyon as part of our portfolio,” said Michael Crawford, General Manager at ASBIS Africa.

“As the leading distributor of tech, Canyon allows us to diversify our offerings and cater to the evolving needs of our customers.”

“We are now able to tap into the fashion-forward market segment, reaching tech-savvy customers who appreciate both style and technology.”

Who is Canyon

Since its inception in 2003 in the Netherlands, Canyon has become a leading brand in wearables and multimedia gadgets for mobile and computer devices, captivating urban individuals with vibrant colours and daring creativity.

It aligns perfectly with ASBIS Africa’s ethos of delivering cutting-edge technology.

Offering stylish yet affordable accessories and wearables, Canyon embodies a youthful spirit and passion for innovation, appealing to fashion-forward individuals seeking functionality.

Over the past two decades, Canyon has expanded its product range to include high-performance solutions such as PC components, multimedia desktop PCs, GPS navigators, headphones, and smartwatches.

Its subsidiary, Canyon Gaming, specializes in gaming peripherals, offering advanced keyboards, mice, headphones, and ergonomic chairs to enhance the gaming experience for users of all types.

“We are immensely grateful to our loyal customers, partners, and employees who have been instrumental in our success over the past two decades,” said Dmitry Romanenko, Canyon’s Business Development Director.

“Their support and trust have propelled us to new heights, allowing us to create countless memorable moments and experiences together.”

Looking ahead, Canyon remains committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. As it expands its presence in new markets, the brand eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead.

Explore Canyon’s stylish, yet affordable accessories and wearables here.

Available at leading retailers.

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ASBIS Africa expands portfolio with Canyon – Unveiling stylish accessories and wearables in Africa