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Digicape makes upgrading your IT systems affordable and hassle-free

Apple Premium Reseller and leading technology solutions provider Digicape makes it easy and affordable for businesses to upgrade their IT systems with the latest Apple devices.

Today’s IT environment has become increasingly complex due to the constant evolution of technology, making it challenging to keep up with the latest innovations and manage growing team requirements.

While it may be tempting to keep using your current devices and systems for as long as possible, not only are you just avoiding the inevitable, but there are, in fact, several advantages to regular updates and upgrades.

Here are four reasons to upgrade your IT system, along with a few smart tips to show you how Apple ticks all the right boxes in simplifying complexity and delivering ongoing value to your business.

  1. Your system and/or devices are outdated

Unplanned maintenance, higher costs for replacement parts, and excessive time spent searching for outdated and hard-to-find replacement parts are clear indications that a device or system component may need replacement or upgrade.

If your current device or system is outdated, you’ll need to consider the cost of additional components and their compatibility with the rest of your system, even if the latest version offers better capabilities.

Apple devices are regularly updated to introduce new features like improved user interfaces, additional functionality, and better performance, ensuring a seamless user experience by keeping them up to date.

And the M1 Mac range offers between 18 to 22 hours of battery life, making it an ideal choice for enduring extended load-shedding stages.

  1. Your system and/or devices are slow and unresponsive

If you are running the same devices you had five years ago, you’re likely dealing with a system with inadequate resources, as new applications with new functions and capabilities use a larger share of your system resources, causing system slowdowns.

Newer devices can provide considerably greater performance due to faster CPUs, more memory, and storage space, resulting in faster and smoother software operation.

Digicape advises updating your Apple device every 3 years to maintain the consistently high performance that it is renowned for.

And, because the provisioning allows for an almost zero-touch experience, deploying Mac at scale across the business network is a smooth, simple process requiring minimal IT resources. Mac also integrates really well with Microsoft software suites.

Apple releases regular updates to address performance issues, enhancing device speed and responsiveness and ensuring optimal performance at no additional cost.

  1. Your system is incompatible with the latest apps and software

Regular software updates are not just about keeping your device running smoothly – they also give you access to the latest apps and software.

In contrast, with outdated hardware, you will lose access to certain features and functionality when they cease to be supported, impacting productivity and your ability to collaborate and perform your tasks.

Apple regularly releases updates to address bugs and software issues, eliminating the need for an operating system licence or a software maintenance contract and enabling users to resolve device problems.

  1. Increased security

In 2024, cybersecurity threats are numerous, and a business is only as safe as its least-secure device.

Safeguarding your devices and IT environment is an increasingly critical part of managing business risk and should always be a top priority.

Security risks increase as technology does. Older devices might not have the most recent security updates, making them vulnerable to hackers, while newer devices have greater security features and receive frequent updates to fix any security flaws.

Mac devices are renowned for being more secure than Windows PCs due to their underlying architecture and built-in security features, and Apple IT automatically pushes out security patches at no cost.

In conclusion, Digicape explains that system upgrades make commercial sense because most technology enhancements are designed to improve efficiency, and any efficiencies that lead to increased productivity and employee engagement will provide your business with an important competitive advantage.

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Digicape makes upgrading your IT systems affordable and hassle-free