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Hisense wins 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best TV Brand

The winner of the prestigious 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best TV Brand is Hisense.

Hisense won this award thanks to its popular range of TVs, Laser TVs, and Laser Cinemas, which offer outstanding image quality, excellent features, and competitive pricing.

Furthermore, Hisense has regularly run sales and promotions that offer even more value to South Africans who want the latest viewing technologies in their living rooms.

Hisense’s impressive TVs

MyBroadband has reviewed several of Hisense’s TVs over the past year and has consistently been impressed with the products on offer.

Among the most impressive TVs we experienced were:

  • Hisense 98-inch U7H Mega ULED – A massive 4K TV with brilliant contrasts, clear motion, and distinct detail.
  • Hisense U8K Mini-LED ULED – Flagship image quality, second-to-none contrasts, and 1,500 nit brightness powered by Mini-LED Pro technology.
  • Hisense L5H Laser TV – The latest Ultra Short Throw technology delivers a crisp, vibrant image of between 100 and 120 inches.
  • Hisense Cube C1 – A ground-breaking mini-projector that throws a stunning 4K picture of anywhere from 65 to 300 inches. This mini-projector also auto-aligns to any wall.

Hisense has also installed a first-class users experience in its TVs in the form of the industry-leading VIDAA operating system. VIDAA supports the most popular streaming apps and boasts an intuitive interface for easy navigation.

When combined with Hisense’s wide range of pricing that caters to a variety needs, it is easy to see why the company is the worthy winner of the 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best TV Brand.

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Hisense wins 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best TV Brand