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Afrihost wins 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Broadband ISP

Afrihost is the winner of the prestigious 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Broadband ISP.

Afrihost won the award thanks to its excellent performance across its multiple broadband solutions, including:

  • Fibre
  • Fixed LTE
  • Fixed 5G
  • ADSL
  • Mobile

The judging for this award was based on the variety and quality of the products and services each ISP offers to the South African market, while extensive research went into testing the performance of their broadband solutions and the customer satisfaction levels of users.

Afrihost stood above other ISPs as the clear winner in this regard.

Keeping customers happy

Afrihost continues to rank at the top of the Analytico brand strength ratings for ISPs, which shows that South Africans trust Afrihost above all of its competitors.

This is thanks to Afrihost’s commitment to ensuring all of its broadband offerings remain of the highest quality.

Afrihost also continues to expand its services and offerings – and a great example of this is its acquisition of CipherWave’s former fibre ISP, Home Connect.

Through the acquisition of Home Connect, Afrihost is leveraging economies of scale to deliver better connectivity at more affordable prices.


Another example of Afrihost’s commitment to innovation is the relaunch of its AirMobile MVNO service – which runs on MTN’s network.

This relaunch included a new app and website, as well as support for direct sign-ups and eSIMs.

After extensive research, MyBroadband found AirMobile to be the most affordable MVNO on MTN’s network for heavy data users.

We also tested its new app, and found the signup process to be quick and easy.

As a result of its continued innovation, excellent systems, and affordable prices, Afrihost is the deserving winner of the 2024 MyBroadband Best Broadband ISP award.

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser

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Afrihost wins 2024 MyBroadband Award for Best Broadband ISP