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Nedbank clients enjoy even more rewards with the exciting and enhanced Greenbacks programme

Nedbank clients who are members of its innovative Greenbacks rewards programme will be pleased to know that their smart money choices are about to pay off even more. Nedbank has refreshed the programme to offer even more value, which means Greenbacks now works even harder to make everyday spending more rewarding.

Dharmesh Bhana, Executive: Loyalty and Rewards at Nedbank, describes the enhanced Greenbacks programme as a pathway to financial relief, where every transaction is an opportunity to earn, save and get even more out of your money. ‘Our goal is to provide real value that can make a difference in each client’s life,’ he says.

A key way in which Greenbacks achieves this is rewarding members for making smart money choices in fulfilment of goals linked to the Structured Saver and Responsible Borrower packages. For example, when members save consistently by increasing their savings or investment balance by at least R3 000 over 3 consecutive months and pay back their Nedbank home, personal or vehicle finance loan on time, they quickly gain access to higher Greenbacks earning levels. It’s that simple, and that rewarding.

The improvements to the programme empower Greenbacks members to make the most of their spending. For example, members now earn up to 2% unlimited cash back when paying with their Nedbank Greenbacks-linked Amex Card. Additionally, Greenbacks members get a guaranteed 25c cash back per litre of fuel at bp, thereby reducing the cost of daily commuting.

Of course, the other valuable Greenbacks rewards that members have come to love are still available, like 50% off movie tickets and snacks at Nu Metro cinemas and deals on the Greenbacks Exclusive store, which they can access via Avo SuperShop. The programme now also provides discounts of up to 30% on flights via Greenbacks Travel on Avo, and up to 10% off on Apple and Samsung devices.

A key advantage of being a Nedbank Greenbacks member is that the programme easily allows you to transform your Greenbacks into a tangible value that can be redeemed in various ways. Members can withdraw their Greenbacks as cash from any Nedbank ATM or use their Greenbacks SHOP Card to pay for their purchases at any Amex-accepting merchant.

Members can also use their Greenbacks to buy prepaid airtime, data or electricity, keeping them connected and switched on without having to dip into their wallets. And they can use their Greenbacks to offset their Nedbank banking fees and charges. There’s even an option to donate their Greenbacks to various charities and transform their rewards into acts of kindness.

What’s more, Greenbacks can be a great way to grow an investment or build on that all-important emergency savings fund. It’s as simple as using the Nedbank Money app to redeem your Greenbacks into a Nedbank unit trust or a notice account. And Nedbank makes investing Greenbacks even more rewarding by increasing their value when members redeem them into qualifying investments.

Best of all, accessing all these Greenbacks rewards is effortless. If you’re already a Nedbank client but not yet a Greenbacks member, simply log in to the Money app or Online Banking to enrol. Membership is free for existing Nedbank clients who have a bundled account like MiGoals Plus, or MiGoals Premium, or who are part of the Private Clients offering. If you’re not a Nedbank client, opening any Nedbank transactional account allows you to join the programme and start accumulating Greenbacks immediately.

‘Nedbank Greenbacks isn’t just about rewards; it’s also about truly enriching the lives of our clients, 1 transaction at a time,’ Bhana says. ‘Every Greenbacks earned is a genuine opportunity to enrich, invest and give back, effectively redefining what it means to be rewarded.’

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Nedbank clients enjoy even more rewards with the exciting and enhanced Greenbacks programme