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Starlink is thriving while undersea cable breaks hurt traditional connectivity in South Africa

Despite the chaos caused by the major undersea cable breaks plaguing South Africa’s Internet ecosystem, popular satellite Internet service Starlink remains unaffected.

The service relies on satellites, so it does not require terrestrial backhaul infrastructure – and recent events have made it clear why this is of enormous benefit.

On 14 March 2024, four undersea cables went offline simultaneously, hugely disrupting access to a wide range of popular Internet services in South Africa.

See below for some of the services immediately affected by the cable breaks.

None of these services were affected by Starlink users.

Recent estimates suggest the repair process will take at least five weeks to complete, and the breaks are expected to cause significant disruptions to many mobile and fibre Internet users throughout this period.

The load-shedding conundrum

Damaged cables aren’t the only challenge facing “legacy” connectivity providers.

Given the load-shedding crisis in South Africa, many network operators have been forced to install and use alternative power sources to keep their infrastructure running during power outages.

However, this additional infrastructure – such as battery storage – is regularly targeted by criminals, who can get good resale value on this stolen hardware.

None of these challenges affects satellite Internet services like Starlink; however, the only terrestrial infrastructure required for your connection is a Starlink kit.

As a result, demand for Starlink is at an all-time high – both from homes and businesses.

Starlink is thriving

Recent controversies involving Starlink distribution in South Africa may have raised concerns among prospective buyers.

These parties must understand that Starlink and the technology’s use in South Africa did not cause controversy.

The controversies involved certain resellers being deemed “unauthorised” by Starlink because they reportedly sold its products in a manner that went against its terms of service.

Plenty of resellers follow the appropriate rules to ensure your Starlink system will run seamlessly for years.

Most notable of these resellers is ICASAsePush, a trusted Starlink distributor whose customers continue to experience fast speeds and impressive reliability while avoiding the ongoing connectivity outages South Africans are experiencing.

Its uncapped satellite Internet product costs approximately R800 per month (depending on Forex fluctuations) and can be cancelled at any time.

Contact ICASAsePush today to connect with Starlink.

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Starlink is thriving while undersea cable breaks hurt traditional connectivity in South Africa