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Upgrade your kitchen with the Hisense PureFlat Slim fridge

Hisense’s new H630BSB-WD PureFlat Slim fridge is a game-changer for South African homeowners.

Boasting a stylish design and a vast range of next-generation features, this fridge will keep your food at the perfect temperature at all times – making it the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

If you are in the market for a fridge upgrade, the Hisense PureFlat Slim fridge is your best choice – here’s why.

Huge upgrade to your kitchen

The PureFlat Slim’s premium design includes a recessed handle and a mark-resistant stainless-steel exterior that delivers an elegant and understated look.

Completing the exterior is a Hisense Sleek Water Dispenser that is seamlessly integrated into the fridge door – providing easy access to ice-cold water without compromising on the fridge’s aesthetics.

Impressively, the fridge’s innovative design also allows you to switch which side the door is hinged – letting you choose which way your fridge opens.

This, along with the 698mm fridge depth, makes it incredibly easy to fit the Hisense PureFlat Slim fridge into your kitchen’s specific layout.

Top internals

You will be equally impressed when you look inside the fridge, with the full-width metal cooling system an immediate standout.

This comprises the rear wall being overlaid in aluminium with six air outlets that ensure even temperature levels throughout the fridge and enable the easy adjustment of these levels using the fridge’s intuitive control panel.

Through the control panel, you can adjust the fridge’s temperature to be anything between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius – while the freezer can be set to between -14 and -24 degrees Celsius.

With 500 litres of storage space and huge door balconies, you will never run out of space, either.

Your food and drinks are kept at the perfect temperature inside the fridge, while an extensive frozen storage section is easily accessible thanks to Hisense’s Easy Glide Pantry design.

This frozen storage area is robust, too, using double metal glide drawers to handle larger loads with ease.

Rounding off the impressive PureFlat Slim fridge is a range of powerful technologies, including a door alarm that works in conjunction with a motion sensor and soft LED lighting that saves power.

When combining these technologies with the fridge’s stylish design and extensive storage space, the Hisense PureFlat Slim fridge is a great addition to any modern kitchen.

Click here to learn more about Hisense’s new PureFlat Slim fridge.

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Upgrade your kitchen with the Hisense PureFlat Slim fridge