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Improve PC performance for your employees using Dell Optimizer

Dell Optimizer is an AI-based software that uses machine learning to improve the application and device performance, battery run-time, and privacy of your company’s Intel-powered Dell computers.

It runs in the background on your work laptops and PC systems while adapting to the needs of your employees, drastically increasing productivity through improved responsiveness and its diverse customisation options.

Dell Optimizer also integrates seamlessly with your employees’ other Dell Technologies products – such as Dell monitors.

This ensures your employees grow and thrive in an intelligent workspace environment geared for efficiency.

Key Features

Dell Optimizer dynamically adjusts your work systems using the following AI-powered tools:

  • Advanced Charge – Prevents laptop batteries from overcharging.
  • Peak Shift – Saves energy costs by only charging your laptop during certain times of the day.
  • Intelligent Battery Extender – Helps preserve battery runtime by making system adjustments when your device runs low on charge.
  • Intelligent Audio – Analyses your surroundings and improves call performance by removing background noises with neural noise cancellation.
  • Intelligent Networking Tools – Powered by the Intel Connectivity Performance Suite, this tool provides world-first simultaneous multi-network connection support for faster data and video downloads.
  • Centralised Management – Deploy and optimise multiple systems simultaneously and remotely with minimal interruptions to your employee’s workflow.
  • Dell Power Optimization – Enables you to charge up to 90% of your battery in one hour.

Your employees can also choose their five most important apps and have Dell Optimizer use advanced machine learning to evaluate how to improve their performance based on user habits.

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This will result in improved system responsiveness of up to 31% for tasks such as Adobe Lightroom, and up to 28% for Microsoft 365 app performance.


Security is as important as performance for Dell Technologies, and it has designed Dell Optimizer to keep company data safe.

This is most evident with the Presence Detection feature, which uses Intel’s Contact Sensing Technology to detect a user presence, wake the device before they log in, and automatically lock the PC when they walk away.

Not only is this great for security – it is also incredibly convenient.

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Improve PC performance for your employees using Dell Optimizer