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Adapt to the new AI-powered business landscape with PPT Group

PPT Group has refined its approach to AI technology by remaining vendor and solution-agnostic, focusing on identifying the most effective tools and services tailored to specific needs, ensuring the implementation of AI enhances rather than complicates their core business processes.

PPT has strongly focused on its AI offerings in recent years as it has seen increased interest from businesses seeking to transform their core organisational systems using this technology.

Their approach to AI technology is vendor and solution-agnostic and instead focuses on finding the most suitable tools and services for each business’s unique needs.

This is crucial in an era when terms like AI, machine learning, and LLMs have become hot topics of conversation, and are implemented by many companies without a clear understanding of how they will alleviate organisational complexities.

PPT differentiates itself by emphasising the importance of only implementing AI where appropriate and on a case-by-case basis, drawing upon its extensive experience in compliance and regulation that is supported by a robust governance framework.

Partnering with PPT is about more than solving problems by leveraging AI solutions. The global business solutions company also prides itself on delivering tangible results to transform core business systems.

Through its team of driven, solution-oriented experts, work hand-in-hand with its clients at every stage of their digital journey, ensuring that the most fit-for-purpose AI solutions are incorporated into their clients’ workflows to deliver consistent and impactful results.

How PPT Group works with its clients

Your journey with PPT begins with the latter developing a strong understanding of its client’s unique needs.

Whether the client wants to streamline its operations, enhance customer experiences, or unlock new avenues of growth – PPT will identify and build the appropriate customised solutions to meet the client’s business objectives and needs.

They offer comprehensive R&D services that focus on areas like Technology Strategy, Architecture, and Project Execution.

Through this research, they have extensive knowledge of how to implement digital solutions in a way that accounts for the latest trends and the most pressing industry needs.

These customised solutions are delivered by leveraging their extensive suite of services, which are available through partnerships with the world’s leading ICT and business solutions providers.

These partnerships are numerous, which enables PPT’s solution-agnostic approach that prioritises delivering optimal value that caters to each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis.

PPT’s areas of expertise are illustrated in the graphic below.

PPT Group leverages its extensive experience to harness the potential of the people, processes and skills within its clients’ companies to achieve the positive outcomes their clients desire.

Throughout this entire process, PPT Group’s core focus is on solving complex problems – not merely implementing technology for its own sake.

Case study: Howdens Joinery

An example of PPT Group’s capabilities is its work with Howdens – a FTSE 100 company with over 4,000 designers who supply bespoke kitchens across 800+ depots in the UK and EU.

PPT Group has implemented an AI-driven one-click design system that can transform a basic kitchen plan into a detailed design with just a single click, as prompted by the customer.

They are now collaborating with Howdens to develop an AI-generated visualisation tool for customers’ kitchen designs. This innovative approach aims to accelerate the design process significantly.

Additionally, they have assisted Howdens with integrating AI into its distribution and client-facing functions by enabling clients to have direct access to the relevant documentation in natural language. This has increased the speed of resolutions and delivered enhanced access to relevant, real-time information.

To accelerate the time to market, PPT collaborated with Microsoft to run a 5-day AI hackathon with four of Howdens’ in-house development teams using Azure OpenAI services.

Two of the teams developed standout solutions that have since been implemented into Howdens’ kitchen design process.

These solutions streamline the process of easily finding technical documentation, installation guides, processes, and videos through a natural language interface within the Howdens App.

The solutions generate the following values:

  • Faster turnarounds.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction.
  • Streamlined implementation process.
  • Fewer measurement errors.
  • Improved industry reputation through market-leading visualisation tools.

From the outset, PPT ensured that Howdens’ internal development teams were taken on the journey, empowering them to work with the implemented AI technology going forward.

“PPT has played a critical role in the technology R&D within Howdens, resulting in a technology strategy that leverages the most cutting-edge advancements.

Their unique blend of research know-how, project & process management as well as business engagement skills means that we move rapidly from opportunity to development. A truly critical and trusted technology partner.”

David Sturdee | Chief Customer Officer | Howdens Joinery: FTSE 100

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Adapt to the new AI-powered business landscape with PPT Group