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Successful businesses prioritise employee experience – Why you should choose Dell PC as a Service

Dell PC as a Service enables companies to receive the latest Intel-powered Dell PCs – complete with regular upgrades and comprehensive management services – for a set monthly subscription.

This is hugely beneficial from a business perspective, as it turns what would usually be a large capital outlay into a more manageable monthly OpEx cost.

Even more important are the benefits on offer and what these do from an employee experience perspective – as happy workers are the cornerstone of a successful business.

Every employee benefits from Dell PC as a Service – including your IT team, your financial decision-makers, and each individual employee.

We unpack the full range of benefits of using Dell PC as a Service, below.

Big savings for financial decision-makers

Every day, businesses talk to Dell about the importance of PCs for productivity levels and the importance of timing refresh cycles effectively.

However, almost every conversation is heavily influenced by the current economic situation and tight IT budgets.

Businesses can still innovate and deploy the latest technology on flexible terms tailored to their needs through the PC as a Service model – and Dell Technologies expects to see interest in this as-a-service model grow moving forward.

Dell PC as a Service not only moves capital expenditure to an OpEx billing model; it will also lower device lifecycle support costs by up to 30%.

This is primarily thanks to how Dell Technologies delivers a homogenous fleet of modern, high-quality computers that will be updated and upgraded before they reach the stage of life where issues become more common – up to 18 months sooner than would otherwise be the case.

Furthermore, because you are working directly with Dell Technologies – rather than through a third party – your shipping costs for repairs and new parts will be reduced by up to 50%.

With all these savings, financial leaders will have more money to reward employees for great performance or to grow the business by hiring more staff.

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Reliable and powerful

The modern Dell PCs that will be used across your company deliver two key benefits to users:

  1. Better performance
  2. Fewer breakdowns

Better performance makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs effectively and removes the frustration of using slow, outdated tech that hampers productivity.

Employees who are empowered with the right tools for their jobs are more likely to feel satisfied in their jobs – resulting in better staff retention rates, too.

This is also true for employees who complete fewer support tickets relating to PCs that need repairs – and Dell Technologies can reduce device-related support tickets by an average of 25-40% through its Dell PC as a Service subscription.

Not only does this result in less frustration among users, it also makes your IT team’s job much easier and allows them to focus on more fulfilling tasks that contribute to business growth.

Easy management

Larger businesses can find it challenging to manage all of their organisation’s PCs.

Dell Technologies offers a dedicated Services Delivery Manager to all companies that require over 300 systems.

This professional will serve as your single point of contact for managing your PC fleet – streamlining communications and providing world-class assistance.

They can also help you find the perfect deployment strategy that minimises the impact PC replacements have on your business processes.

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Successful businesses prioritise employee experience – Why you should choose Dell PC as a Service