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Embrace Rental Software: Solving real problems in the rental space

Knowledge is power, but it’s only achievable if you have all the information in one system.

Too often we hear of companies where their Sales Reps are calling branches to see what’s available instead of checking the system. With Embrace fit-for-purpose Rental ERP, staff can see what’s available on the rental dashboard and process rental agreements efficiently.

Embrace provides full control and transparency over all contracts providing usage reports, service histories and managing invoicing, increasing profitability per company, per branch and per unit. This means less “I’ll get back to you” calls losing the rental contract and higher levels of customer service and rental bookings secured.

Managing financial aspects is a critical component of any rental business. Embrace Rental ERP caters to the different levels and layers of accounts, allowing companies to extract key levels of information and facilitate easy consolidation across multiple business units.

How much time is wasted? Accessibility provides knowledge, but only if you have all the information to hand, whether your team are in the office or out on the road

How much time is wasted spent searching each month across all your staff, across all your departments for various items; be it contracts, service histories, customer signed documents, or photos from the units return?

Unit availability across the branch network can also be checked on your Sales Rep’s mobile device. Likewise, credit limit approvals can be sent directly to mobile devices to eliminate bottlenecks.

Embrace Rental ERP provides all your information at your fingertips, as well as has APIs available to link into any last mile applications that you may use.

By analysing revenue generated, service costs, and depreciation expenses, Embrace Rental ERP enables management to assess the profitability and return on investment of each rental unit, be it a vehicle, forklift, generator, or yellow equipment.

Rental Agreement Lifecycle management can be complex, Embrace give you control

One of the key challenges in the rental industry is managing the entire lifecycle of a contract, from booking to invoicing. Embrace Rental simplifies this process by providing a unified system that controls every aspect of the rental agreement, be it a short or long-term rental, full maintenance lease or ad hoc.

From reservations to allocation of rental items and crews, despatch control, swaps and replacements, returns, debriefs, and invoicing; Embrace Rental ensures that all steps are efficiently managed. By automating rental agreements and eliminating the need for manual paperwork, companies can process higher volumes in less time.

The system allows for flexible billing options, including time-based, usage-based, or a combination of both, and accommodates additional charge items such as delivery and recovery fees, e-tolls, insurance, consumables, and overuse factors.

Embrace Rental ERP ensures data integrity, eliminating the need for data recapture and improving overall data quality. The system provides full visibility and control of all contracts and vehicles through the planning board, allowing companies to identify non-profitable contracts and allocate vehicles from the rental pool effectively.

Through automation, Embrace Rental ERP generates significant cost savings and enables employees to become multi-functional, contributing to improved business operations.

Flexible structuring of contracts based on billing terms, rental periods, and multiple vehicles or units per contract can be set up. Sales and operations teams can easily track different attachments fitted to units, including horses and trailers, and manage profitability and costs to maximise return on investment.

Embrace Rental ERP can automate processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity

Embrace Rental integrates seamlessly with other modules within the Embrace ERP system, providing companies with a holistic view of their assets and operations.

Embrace ERP gives companies full visibility into every aspect of their fleet, enabling them to manage performance, deflecting older and non-profitable vehicles, respond to problems, and allocate resources proactively.

With Embrace Rental, companies can effectively track repairs and maintenance costs, ensuring that the fleet is well-maintained while keeping costs under control.

The system provides timely and cost-effective solutions for fleet management, minimizing disruptions and optimizing resource allocation.

The integration between the Contracts and Service modules enhances overall fleet management, resulting in increased revenue per rental and improved profitability.

Embrace Rental ERP offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique challenges of the rental industry.

With its end-to-end functionality and deep market understanding, Embrace Rental ERP empowers businesses to streamline operations, maximise revenue, and boost profitability.

For rental businesses seeking a modern, flexible, and integrated platform to drive growth, Embrace Rental ERP is the ultimate choice.

Visit ACS Embrace to explore your next fit-for-purpose Enterprise Management Software solution and take your rental business to new heights, or call Brian Mallory on 011-275-2000 to discuss your company’s needs.

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Embrace Rental Software: Solving real problems in the rental space