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Secure your home with Xiaomi’s cutting-edge smart cameras

Xiaomi’s world-class smart cameras offer superb video quality and a wide range of advanced features, making them a critical part of any home security system.

In South Africa, there are two main ranges of Xiaomi smart cameras to choose from: the indoor C200, C300, and C400 models and the outdoor AW200 and AW300 cameras.

Xiaomi’s C200, C300, and C400 indoor smart cameras capture crisp video content throughout your home or office.

They boast expansive vertical viewing angles and 360-degree horizontal movement, facilitated by each camera’s dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor.

This can be controlled through the Mi Home App, or by using a connected, voice-controlled Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device.

Thanks to their infrared night vision, these smart cameras will also capture video footage in great detail – even in the dark.

This technology is implemented without a visible red light, so annoying LEDs will not distract you from your sleep or work.

Indoor range

The Xiaomi C200 is the most affordable of the cameras at an RRP of R899, and captures video in 1080p resolution.

It offers two-way audio communication, cutting-edge technologies like night vision and AI human detection, with automatic movement tracking.

The C200 is therefore the ideal camera for anyone who wants to monitor their home 24/7 without breaking the bank.

The Xiaomi C300 improves upon the C200 by capturing footage in an ultra-clear, 2K resolution.

It boasts the same features as the C200 and more – including a baby monitoring mode for parents of young children.

Its AI human detection functionality is improved over the C200, too, for added peace of mind.

If you have a young family and want security cameras capable of detecting intruders and monitoring your children, the C300 offers tremendous value at an RRP of R1,199.

At the top of the indoor range is the Xiaomi C400.

This smart camera boasts an impressive 2.5K capture resolution for crystal-clear video every time.

It also has many upgraded features – with its night vision, AI human detection, and tracking technologies all vastly improved.

At an affordable RRP of R1,499, the Xiaomi C400 is a must-buy for anyone who wants the latest AI-powered technologies to secure their home.

Outdoor range

Xiaomi’s AW200 and AW300 smart cameras are perfectly suited for monitoring the exterior of your home or office.

Both are weather-resistant and feature a wired power connector – removing the need for battery replacements.

The AW200 starts off the outdoor range, featuring a 1080p sensor and two-way audio support.

This allows it double up as an intercom for people who approach your home.

It also boasts motion detection technology and support for time-lapse photography – allowing it to send a still photo and alert notifications to you in real-time.

If you need a camera to protect your home, while also serving as a convenient intercom system, the AW200 is a great option thanks to its affordable RRP of R899.

If you need even more smart technologies, the Xiaomi AW300 smart camera is the option for you.

It boasts all of the features of the AW200, and many more.

Home owners particularly love its full-colour night vision technology, which is activated once human movements are detected, and uses a white light to illuminate the subject.

Intruders will then be met with an alarm system, comprising both an alarm sound and flashing lights to deter the intruder from trying to enter your home.

This camera can record these intruders in 2K quality and thanks to its wide-angle sensor, it can deliver far-view coverage of streets and parking lots up to 25m away within the focus zone.

Xiaomi recommends the AW300 for multi-camera systems, too, as it supports up to four-feed split-screen viewing when using the Xiaomi Home App.

For the ultimate home security system, the Xiaomi AW300 is your best choice – and at only R1,299 per camera, it delivers great value for money.

Smart features

For added convenience, the Xiaomi smart cameras detailed above can all be managed using the Xiaomi Home app.

From using intercom functionality and viewing video feeds, to setting monitoring periods and tracking parameters – you can do it all in the app.

These cameras can also be linked to other smart devices for extra functionality.

Connecting your camera to your smart speaker enables voice control, while linking your Xiaomi indoor camera to your Mi Smart Clock lets you stream its feed on the clock’s screen.

You can also link your Xiaomi smart camera to your smart security devices – such as smart locks and smart sensors – and when these sensors detect an abnormality, your camera will automatically record video footage and trigger its alarm.

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Secure your home with Xiaomi’s cutting-edge smart cameras