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Huge expansions underway for Lightstruck and Yutiliti Fibre

Lightstruck, a prominent fiber optics company based in South Africa, is currently witnessing significant expansion in 2024 due to its innovative approach within the fiber industry. Founded with a strategic focus on catering to smaller towns and communities overlooked by larger fiber providers, Lightstruck has carved a niche for itself by prioritizing localized service and community engagement.

Rather than just installing fiber infrastructure and moving on, Lightstruck takes a more involved approach by establishing and nurturing a local presence in each new area it enters. This involves appointing local fiber experts to manage its Yutiliti Fibre ISP offices whenever feasible, ensuring customers receive personalized attention and support.

The success of Lightstruck’s business model is evident in the impressive 4.4/5 rating earned by Yutiliti Fibre on Google reviews. While many competitors are divesting their assets, Lightstruck is actively acquiring new ventures and expanding its network, signaling confidence in its growth trajectory.

Recent Acquisitions:

Lightstruck’s latest acquisitions mark significant milestones in its expansion journey. Firstly, the acquisition of South Coast Fibre, a leading fiber provider in Scottburgh, Pennington and Park Rynie, enhances the Lightstruck and Yutiliti Fibre brand by integrating South Coast Fibre’s operations into its network. A local office in Scottburgh will ensure efficient service delivery to customers in the area.

The second notable acquisition is a majority stake in Thinkspeed, formerly known as Century City Connect, serving the bustling Century City suburb of Cape Town. This suburb, known for its mix of residential, retail, and commercial properties, including the renowned Canal Walk shopping center, presents a lucrative opportunity for Lightstruck’s expansion plans.

Lightstruck is in the midst of expanding its network, forging partnerships with property developers, acquiring new FNO`s and aiming to offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for both developers and customers alike.

Expansion into Namibia:

Exciting prospects await Lightstruck as it ventures into Namibia, where it anticipates substantial growth in its fiber business. The company has already commenced the construction of its fiber network, which is projected to reach approximately 40,000 households upon completion.

To support this ambitious undertaking, the Namibia Infrastructure Development and Investment Fund (NIDIF) has invested in acquiring a significant minority stake in Lightstruck. This strategic partnership will enable Lightstruck to establish itself as the primary privately-owned fiber network operator in Namibia, opening doors to new opportunities in the region.

Connect with Lightstruck and Yutiliti Fibre:

Lightstruck remains steadfast in its commitment to serving both new and existing clients, maintaining its position as an industry leader through the provision of high-speed, reliable fiber solutions and unparalleled customer service. With a presence in key locations such as Paarl, Hermanus, Century City, and others, Lightstruck invites customers to experience the benefits of Yutiliti Fibre’s services firsthand.

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Huge expansions underway for Lightstruck and Yutiliti Fibre