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The Stem Connect story – How a South African ISP became a multinational hero

Stem Connect is a specialist business ISP that was founded in South Africa in 2002.

Over the years, it has evolved into a powerful multinational player thanks to its commitment to delivering world-class connectivity to its ever-expanding client base.

Stem Connect’s founding coincided with the launch of broadband in South Africa, which enabled it to be a first-mover in the sector.

It has used this advantage to great effect by continually refining and expanding its services to cater to emerging market trends and the needs of its clients.

This is enabled by Stem Connect’s wealth of technical experience and its motivated team, which is dedicated to constantly staying at the forefront of the business ISP industry.

Stem Connect has also thrived thanks to its customer-centric approach to product development that prioritises affordability without cutting corners.

It comes as no surprise then that Stem Connect has seen excellent success and growth – both locally and internationally.

International expansion

One of Stem Connect’s biggest focuses in recent years has been expanding its services beyond South Africa.

Its first major success in this regard was the establishment of its UK operation four years ago. This was followed by Stem Connect making several acquisitions in the UK to accelerate its regional growth.

The business ISP has also made major moves in Africa, including recently signing a contract to manage a major VNO in Namibia.

It remains vigilant for opportunities for further international expansion, as it sees this as the next evolution of the business’s growth strategy.

South Africa

While expanding globally, Stem Connect has ensured it remains at the top of its game in South Africa.

It boasts an extensive presence in the country that is built on a large network of international fibre routes and global peering POPs.

Through this infrastructure, Stem Connect can guarantee a highly resilient network to its clients – complete with multiple failovers and effective shortest-path routing.

This ensures Stem Connect’s clients can run their real-time applications seamlessly and enjoy the peace of mind granted by its comprehensive service level agreements.

As evidence of the world-class solutions it provides, four of South Africa’s banks use Stem Connect for their connectivity services.

The list of companies – in the financial sector and other industries – which trust Stem Connect for their connectivity needs in South Africa is substantial.

“We do not attach our brand to any service we are not confident in. Offering a service that we can support is of the utmost importance,” said Stem Connect Founder and Director Martin van Dyk.

“Our team of exceptionally skilled support agents treat each client with respect and each query with great professional urgency,” he said.

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The Stem Connect story – How a South African ISP became a multinational hero