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Deloitte 2024 Tech Trends report published – Here are the key insights

Deloitte has published its 2024 Tech Trends report, revealing the key findings during an exclusive event at its Johannesburg office on 9 May.

The event featured several key speakers from Deloitte who discussed the six forces shaping the future of technology in Africa.

These forces are divided into three elevating forces and three grounding forces – upon which Deloitte has based its annual Tech Trends report.

For the 2024 Tech Trends report, Deloitte focused on how these forces are impacting Africa.

Deloitte Africa CIO Programme Leader Omeshnee Naidoo provided the opening remarks.

Elevating forces

The three elevating forces identified by Deloitte are interaction, information, and computation.

For interaction, Deloitte outlined that while spatial computing – such as augmented and virtual reality – is most visible in consumer applications like gaming, these technologies also make a major impact in industrial settings.

This includes through tools such as the industrial metaverse, which can power digital twins, spatial simulation, augmented work instructions, and collaborative digital spaces—all of which help make businesses more efficient.

Next, was the information force – which includes generative AI and how it has become a massive growth catalyst.

The Deloitte experts explained that enhanced computing power, better training, and increasingly more complex coding have allowed generative AI technology to imitate humans– enabling huge potential for increased efficiency and productivity within enterprise settings.

Finally, for computation, the theme discussed was working smarter, not harder.

This is being enabled by cutting-edge systems that use specialised hardware to deliver next-generation outcomes.

These include systems that generate digital twins of real-world settings, train AI models, and simulate complex scenarios.

Certain organisations will also soon look beyond traditional binary computing entirely, Deloitte added.

Deloitte AI Capability Leader Quentin Williams discusses generative AI.

Grounding forces

The three grounding forces discussed were Business of Tech, Cyber and Trust, and Core Modernisation.

The Business of Tech section looks at emerging technology and how it is increasingly viewed as a differentiator and an essential part of doing business. However, the ways tech talent is working is not efficient.

This has led to an increased focus on nurturing a developer-first mindset – known as DevEx – aimed at improving software developers’ day-to-day productivity and satisfaction.

Cyber and Trust then focused on “defending reality”.

It detailed how the rise of AI tools has made it far easier for bad actors to infiltrate businesses, and discussed the most effective way of responding to these threats.

Core Modernisation was the final force examined, and looked at how companies grapple with an expanded set of fundamental technologies that desperately need modernisation.

Deloitte’s study found that companies must develop highly customised and integrated technical wellness plans to streamline current modernisation trend while reducing future modernisation needs.

Deloitte Senior Manager in Digital Engineering Jacques Compaan unpacks DevEx.

Final words

The Deloitte event concluded with a fireside panel discussion with Engen Oil CIO Aveena Mothilall and MTN CIO Nikos Angelopoulos.

This discussion reinforced the need for steps to be taken to improve the current skill shortage in South Africa.

Photos of the event are below.

Click here to learn more about the Deloitte 2024 Tech Trends report.

The fireside panel with Omeshnee Naidoo (left), Aveena Mothilall (middle), and Nikos Angelopoulos (right).

Cape Wine Master Bennie Howard reveals the wines guests will be tasting during the presentations.

Entrance to the venue.

The venue hall.

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Deloitte 2024 Tech Trends report published – Here are the key insights