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Attention primary and secondary schools – Get free Fibre with Afrihost

Afrihost has partnered with Frogfoot and Vumatel to bring FREE fibre connectivity to primary and secondary schools.

This connectivity assists teachers and students by bringing a world of knowledge to the innovators of tomorrow.

The Afrihost Fibre School Initiative started in 2018 with a few schools in Johannesburg.

It has since expanded to offer fast Fibre internet to over 200 schools in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo and the Western Cape.

How the Afrihost Fibre School Initiative works

Follow these steps to get your free Fibre

  • Go to the Afrihost Fibre School Initiative website.
  • Click on ‘Apply online’ and create a new application.
  • If your school (primary or secondary) has Fibre coverage, complete the application form.
  • Once approved, the relevant Fibre provider will install free Fibre infrastructure at the school.
  • The school will receive a download speed of 1Gbps. Upload speed varies depending on the relevant Fibre provider in the area.
  • Afrihost will include a free 1Gbps data connection, as well as a free Fibre router.

Interested primary and secondary schools can visit for more information.

Enriching lives

Afrihost believes that offerings like the Afrihost Fibre School Initiative simplify and enrich the lives of its clients.

This aligns with a core focus of the ISP, which is being part of the growth and change in its community.

“We hope to get as many of the neighbourhoods around the schools connected,” said Afrihost.

“We believe that access to fast, reliable internet empowers students, small business owners, and residents of the communities to stay connected and progressive.”

More about the Afrihost Fibre School Initiative.

*Please note that Afrihost reserves the right to accept or refuse applicants based on existing criteria. This is to safeguard the program and the recipients of the program.

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Attention primary and secondary schools – Get free Fibre with Afrihost