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Here is what happens when you partner with MyBroadband

Performance data from one of South Africa’s top software development companies shows a big increase after the company partnered with MyBroadband.

The software development company partnered with MyBroadband at the start of 2024 to promote its brand and generate interest in its services.

Before the partnership, the company had an average of 26 daily visitors to its website. Its website is its main driver for new business.

MyBroadband then launched a comprehensive marketing campaign for the company, which included sponsored content, banners, social media posts, and marketing emails.

The results were excellent. The average number of daily visitors increased by 381% – from 26 to 125.

The increased activity on the company’s websites resulted in a much higher number of leads and sales.

Apart from increased website visits, the company saw a strong improvement in brand awareness.

A recent survey showed that it was ranked as one of the top software development companies in South Africa.

The chart below from Google Analytics shows the company’s website traffic before and after the MyBroadband partnership.

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Here is what happens when you partner with MyBroadband