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Crucial T705 NVMe SSD – The world’s fastest SSD now available in South Africa

The Crucial T705 NVMe SSD has earned the accolade of world’s fastest SSD – and it is now available to purchase in South Africa.

With read and write speeds of up to 14,500MBps and 12,700MBps, respectively, the Crucial T705 takes the performance of your PC to the next level.

Whether you’re a gamer, a video editor, or a professional working with AI applications, the Crucial T705 and its unrivalled speeds are designed to power through your tasks with ease and deliver a new level of performance and efficiency.

This is optimised further by its support for Microsoft DirectStorage – a gaming technology that allows NVMe storage devices to maximise their throughput and IOPS.

This enables the Crucial T705 NVMe SSD to load supported games up to 15% faster than the most popular Gen4 SSDs.

Efficiency and compatibility

Keeping the incredible performance of the T705 available at all times is the SSD’s dedicated heatsink. This heatsink ensures the T705 is not throttled when under high loads, thanks to its unrivalled energy efficiency that removes the need for dedicated fans or liquid cooling.

The included heatsink is made from a combination of aluminium and copper, and is designed to maximise the SSD’s performance when installed in a system with good airflow.

For non-heatsink models of the T705, it is incredibly easy to install the SSD in your motherboard’s M.2 slot. It then boasts a copper-clad label that seamlessly transfers heat from the drive to your motherboard’s heatsink.

Backward compatibility with Gen3 and Gen4 motherboards is also standard, making this Crucial NVMe SSD the ultimate addition to any high-end PC.


There are six Crucial T705 variants available, comprising three capacity options that can each be purchased with or without a heatsink.

These models are as follows:

Crucial T705 1TB

  • Read/Write speeds: 13,600MBps / 10,200MBps
  • Random read/write speeds: 1.4M/1.75M IOPS
  • 1TB storage
  • Available with or without a heatsink
  • Most affordable option

Crucial T705 2TB

  • Read/Write speeds: 14,500MBps / 12,700MBps
  • Random read/write speeds: 1.55M/1.8M IOPS
  • 2TB storage
  • Available with or without a heatsink
  • Best option for pure performance

Crucial T705 4TB

  • Read/Write speeds: 14,100MBps / 12,600MBps
  • Random read/write speeds: 1.5M/1.8M IOPS
  • 4TB storage
  • Available with or without a heatsink
  • Best option for maximum storage capacity

No matter which of the models you choose, you will get one month of the Adobe Creative Cloud all-apps plan for free – giving you the perfect opportunity to test your new SSD’s excellent performance.

Use cases

For those of you reading this and wondering “Is the Crucial T705 for me?” – the answer is yes!

This NVMe SSD is not targeted at a specific category of PC users – like gamers or content creators – as its unrivalled speeds will hugely benefit anyone needing the best performance from their storage.

Gamers and streamers will love this drive’s support for Microsoft DirectStorage, as one of the technology’s core functions is to bypass the CPU when loading games.

This results in faster load times and significantly less CPU usage, freeing up your PC for processing your stream and other important tasks.

Content creators and creatives will appreciate the large storage capacity of these SSDs and the speedy file transfers.

This will result in superior productivity, giving you more time to let your creative juices flow.

PC enthusiasts and power users will love the Crucial T705 for one simple reason – it’s the fastest SSD in the world.

It will maximize the performance of all of your other PC components, pushing your speeds to the limit without risking overheating.

Click here to buy a Crucial T705 NVMe SSD 1 TB.

Click here to buy a Crucial T705 NVMe SSD 2 TB.

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Crucial T705 NVMe SSD – The world’s fastest SSD now available in South Africa