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The ultimate way to generate brand visibility

Homepage Takeovers (HPTOs) on MyBroadband are the ultimate way to achieve exceptional brand visibility in the South African market.

This is thanks to their exclusive position on the MyBroadband homepage, placing your branding and marketing message in a high-traffic area that delivers exceptional exposure for your business.

There is no better way to capture the attention of South Africa’s foremost ICT decision-makers, and this is why South Africa’s most successful technology businesses love running HPTOs on MyBroadband.

Reach MyBroadband’s readers

Key to the effectiveness of HPTOs on MyBroadband is the publication’s position as South Africa’s leading ICT news website.

MyBroadband reaches over 3 million readers every month, with 62% of these readers C-level executives, managers, and business owners.

Our marketing team makes it easy to reach this influential audience when you book a HPTO campaign with them, and will manage your HPTO booking from start to finish.

This includes designing your banners (if required), placing them on the MyBroadband homepage, and providing detailed reports on your campaign’s results.

To elevate your brand’s visibility and reach South Africa’s ICT decision-makers, click here to contact MyBroadband’s marketing team and book an HPTO today.

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The ultimate way to generate brand visibility