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WIRUlink’s 100Mbps Uncapped Fixed Wireless Broadband Shakes Up SA Internet Landscape

South Africa’s telecommunications landscape is undergoing a significant transformation.

While major cities boast advancements in fiber optic technology, many rural and underserved urban areas still struggle with sluggish and unreliable internet speeds.

This digital divide hinders education, economic growth, and access to information for millions of South Africans.

WIRUlink: Delivering Game-Changing Speeds to Underserved Regions

WIRUlink, a leading South African internet service provider (ISP), is actively addressing the connectivity challenge.

Their innovative approach leverages Fixed Wireless Internet Technology powered by the RUSH Network to deliver game-changing internet speeds to underserved regions.

But what truly sets them apart is the recent introduction of their most competitive offering: Uncapped 100Mbps Fixed Wireless Internet Packages.

  • Unwavering Reliability: WIRUlink’s fixed wireless infrastructure is designed for stability. Unlike LTE and fiber, which often experience congestion and outages, WIRUlink’s service offers a consistent and dependable connection. This allows you to work, learn, and play online with confidence.
  • Fast and Hassle-Free Installation: WIRUlink brings high-speed fixed wireless internet access to your doorstep quickly and efficiently. Their streamlined three-step order process ensures your home or business is installed on time, minimising disruption.
  • Affordability for All: WIRUlink’s commitment to affordability is evident in their Unreal 100Mbps Uncapped Internet package, starting at only R928pm (excluding the optional router).

“WIRUlink’s mission is to constantly innovate and ensure South Africans have access to a dependable, high-speed internet experience at a fair price,” says Jaco Maree, Chief Executive Officer at WIRUlink. “We don’t just meet expectations, we strive to surpass them.”

Riaan Maree, Chief Technology Officer at WIRUlink adds, “Because of the need to stay connected 24/7/365, thousands of fibre users in urban areas also utilise our reliable wireless services as a backup.

Our network is not impacted by municipal trenching, load shedding, collapsed fibre poles or other factors causing fibre services to be offline.

With the introduction of our affordable 100Mbps Uncapped Wireless services, having better redundancy and uptime at your home or business makes even more sense.”

The ISP’s commitment extends beyond offering impressive speeds. Their focus on Fixed Wireless Internet Technology, powered by the RUSH Network, allows them to reach areas where fiber optic infrastructure deployment is impractical or cost-prohibitive.

This empowers South African communities and breaks down barriers to information and growth.

WIRUlink: The Road Ahead

South Africa’s internet quality has historically faced challenges. WIRUlink’s commitment to providing fast, reliable, and affordable internet directly addresses these issues.

Their focus on innovative wireless solutions powered by the RUSH Network, exceptional customer service, and dedication to pushing boundaries positions them as a game-changer in the South African telecommunications industry.

WIRUlink’s CEO, Jaco Maree, adds, “While our 100Mbps fixed wireless internet package and our recent rollout in the Free State (Bloemfontein) demonstrates our commitment to progress, this is just the beginning. We’re relentlessly pushing the boundaries of speed and affordability in South Africa, ensuring underserved regions aren’t left behind.”

You can call the WIRUlink team via 010 595 0000 (Gauteng), 051 011 8500 (Free State) or [email protected]. Alternatively, visit their website at to find out how they can get you connected.

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WIRUlink’s 100Mbps Uncapped Fixed Wireless Broadband Shakes Up SA Internet Landscape