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Pinnacle adds value to partners and clients with new AI-focused strategy

Pinnacle CEO Tim Humphreys-Davies explains: “AI is the topic on everyone’s lips currently.

The computing world is seeing incredible advancements in the technologies that enable AI, from sophisticated deep learning algorithms to its integration at the edge, allowing for real-time processing and analysis of data right where it’s generated.

This means faster insights and quicker decision-making, giving AI-enabled companies a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced market.

“Several vertical industries, in South Africa and beyond, have already benefitted from AI. Locally, some early adopters, such as those within our financial services, life insurance and medical insurance sectors, are using AI-powered solutions to streamline operations, making their businesses more efficient and competitive than ever before. This is the power that is potentially enabled by AI.”

Tim Humphreys-Davies, Pinnacle CEO

However, implementing AI solutions can come with its own set of difficulties, notes Humphreys-Davies, with only 54 percent of AI implementations successfully moving from pilot to production. Challenges can include:

  • A lack of clear objectives and strategy;
  • Data quality and availability issues;
  • Complexity and technical challenges;
  • Integration and scalability issues;
  • Ethical and regulatory concerns; and
  • Resistance to change and cultural barriers.

“Furthermore, the skills and talent gap in South Africa is of particular concern,” he continues. “On an international level, we’re seeing organisations like JPMorgan Chase & Co announce that every new hire will receive AI training, but locally we’re still in the very early stages.”

Bringing the new AI offering to market

“In response to these developments, Pinnacle is pleased to announce the launch of our new AI services division, with the objective of providing the right infrastructure, as well as the skills and expertise required to help local businesses to join the AI revolution.”

As such, the organisation has made key AI-focused appointments and is building a team to support its AI endeavours, both internally and at a client level.

“As an ICT distributor, embracing AI is paramount to staying competitive and meeting the evolving needs of our customers. Our strategy is designed to make use of AI technologies to enhance our own operations and optimise processes, and we’ve already seen success in this. The next step is to deliver this value to our partners and clients.

“A critical part of Pinnacle’s AI offering,” explains Humphreys-Davies, “is partnering with AI powerhouses like NVIDIA, Supermicro, Infinidat, Nutanix, Dell, Commvault, Spectra and Guardicore. The technologies that are enabled by these vendors encompass all the elements required for an AI implementation, including hardware, software and the technology required for computer frameworks. We call this our ‘AI Unleashed’ approach.

“Importantly, partnering with these global experts allows us to put together best-case usage models based on successful AI deployments in other countries. We’re also putting a serious focus on skills building and will work closely with our reseller network here.”

Shaping tomorrow with AI

With the rise of big data and the development of more powerful hardware, AI algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated, enabling them to tackle complex problems and tasks that were previously thought to be beyond the capabilities of machines.

“AI is transforming industries – from agriculture to education to cybersecurity – and driving innovation across the board,” says Humphreys-Davies.

“Pinnacle is committed to helping our trusted partners navigate this evolving landscape and access the full potential of AI for local businesses. We invite our partners to embrace the future of AI and take their companies to new heights as we embark on this AI journey together,” he concludes.

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Pinnacle adds value to partners and clients with new AI-focused strategy