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Hisense 100-inch U7K TV reviewed – Immersive entertainment for your home

Dubbed The King of 100-inch TVs, the massive Hisense U7K brings the joy of a cinema into your living room.

It is as big on performance as it is on size, with industry-leading display technologies like Mini-LED, a 144Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dot Colour, and Dolby Vision IQ – making it ideal for cinephiles, serious gamers, and major sports fans alike.

Furthermore, this TV has earned Hisense a series of firsts – it is the first 100-inch TV produced at the Hisense Atlantis factory in Cape Town, Hisense’s first 100-inch TV sold in South Africa, and the first 100-inch Mini-LED TV to be sold in the country by any brand.

We were excited to receive a TV with such impressive accolades – and we detail our experience below.

For the cinephile

At 100 inches, the sheer size of the Hisense 100U7K TV is breathtaking. Measuring 2.2 metres wide by 1.2 metres high, it is 78% larger than a 75-inch TV and a whopping 232% bigger than a classic 55-inch model.

This substantial size makes a statement in any room – commanding the attention of anyone who steps through the door.

It also delivers an immersive experience that draws you into the action, making the 100U7K ideal for home theatre setups.

Size isn’t the only thing that drew us to the Hisense 100U7K TV, however, as it also uses the latest display technologies.

Mini-LED backlighting provides the 100U7K with Full Array Local Dimming, producing exceptional brightness and superior contrasts.

This was evident when watching movies and series on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, which were easily accessible through the TV’s VIDAA operating system.

Quantum Dot Colour then saw the U7K produce over 1 billion colours across its magnificent panel for the ultimate viewing experience.

This visual feast was rounded out by IMAX Enhanced and the U7K’s support for several HDR technologies, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG.

Hisense has completed the cinematic experience with great sounds – equipping the 100U7K TV with two 15W tweeters, two 5W midrange speakers, and a 20W subwoofer.

In combination, these comprised what I can only describe as the best built-in sound system of any TV I’ve reviewed.

The audio was loud and crisp across all of my favourite content – and was further enhanced by Dolby Atmos support, which generated immersive and spatial audio.

For the sports fanatic

The Hisense U7K is a dream come true for sports fans, too, thanks to its large display and AI Sports Mode.

The 100-inch display ensures your home will be the ultimate gathering spot for big games, while AI Sports Mode makes every game looks fantastic.

AI Sports Mode optimises the U7K’s settings to fully leverage its 144Hz refresh rate and 240 smooth motion rate, delivering smoothness in every scene.

Its built-in Motion Estimation and Motion Composition (MEMC) technology then reduces jitter, motion blur, and light trails on moving objects.

AI Sports Mode also adjusts the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of all your sports content to produce the ultimate sports-watching experience every time.

For the gaming enthusiast

Another area where the Hisense 100U7K shines is gaming.

Equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium and 144Hz Game Mode Pro, this TV is an unstoppable gaming powerhouse.

144Hz Game Mode Pro includes technologies like Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rates (VRR).

Together, these technologies and the 144Hz panel provided us with a responsive and immersive experience when we hooked up a gaming console.

Hisense has also equipped the 100U7K with a game bar, which made it easy to manage each of these settings and features at the press of a button.

We tested several games, including racing titles and first-person shooters, and the U7K provided a smooth, stutter-free experience across each one.

Final thoughts

From its massive size and incredible display technologies to its powerful audio system, the Hisense 100U7K is more than a TV – it’s a gateway to exceptional home entertainment.

It lives up to its “King of 100-inch TVs” title and is an excellent choice for cinephiles, sports fans, and gamers.

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Hisense 100-inch U7K TV reviewed – Immersive entertainment for your home