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Sage Increases Efficiency and Improves Scalability for Distributors and Manufacturers

Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses has today launched Sage Distribution and Manufacturing Operations (SDMO) in the United States and South Africa.

SDMO provides complete visibility and control of the purchasing, production, inventory, and sales processes of small to mid-sized distributors and discrete manufacturers, helping them drive efficiency, productivity, and growth.

SDMO is designed specifically for the manufacturing and distribution sectors and uses cloud-native technology to provide a single dedicated place to manage operations and financials.

It helps organisations automate and smoothly manage complex tasks using modern capabilities such as real-time materials resource planning (MRP), dynamic work orders and digital calendars.

SDMO provides organisations with the adaptability and agility they need to quickly plan for and respond to changes in demand and supply due to market volatility and supply chain issues.

By embedding industry best practices, advanced multi-site inventory management, and powerful reporting with industry-specific KPIs and dashboards, SDMO helps reduce the noise, enabling companies to better understand where to prioritise resources and support.

“Whether you are a smaller regional specialist manufacturer or a growing multi-national midsized operation, access to real-time information is crucial for effective decision-making in the distribution and manufacturing sectors,” said Rob Sinfield, SVP Product at Sage.

“SDMO provides the flexibility and resilience needed to navigate volatile economic conditions, simplifying complexities and enhancing operational efficiency. This allows business leaders to adapt quickly and focus on growth-driving areas. Whether integrated with Sage Intacct or used as a standalone solution, SDMO promotes collaboration and innovation, driving productivity, resilience, and growth for all stakeholders.”

Innovating to Transform SME Manufacturing and Distribution Processes

SDMO supports diverse needs across distribution and manufacturing with advanced features and flexibility, all supported by an integration-ready, cloud-native platform.

“Our longstanding commitment to addressing our customers’ needs through cutting-edge technology solutions is exemplified by our partnership with Sage. This collaboration has empowered us with a diverse range of solutions, enabling us to stay competitive in the markets we serve,” says Tia Malevitis, Joint Managing Director at SynergERP.

“The demand for cloud-based accounting and financial management has become increasingly prominent among our customers and we are particularly excited about SDMO’s seamless integration of cloud capabilities with enhanced functionalities that extend beyond finance, encompassing distribution and discrete manufacturing. We look forward to bringing SDMO to our customers, reinforcing our position as their preferred technology partner.”

Key capabilities include:

  • Automating Core Financial Tasks: this feature uses secure access to multi-dimensional insights across entities, so financial leaders can better drive business performance
  • Simplifying Complex Product Designs: By simplifying design complexities with attachments and centralising information, SDMO accelerates processes and enables teams to focus on innovation and quality, for a competitive edge and customer satisfaction
  • Optimise Production: Plan the best use of resources to maximise cost savings in all aspects of making and assembling products in your manufacturing business.
  • Enhancing Distribution and Supply Chain Operations: With SDMO as a single source of real-time information, teams across the quote-to-cash cycle can adapt to changes in demand and foresee supplier issues more swiftly
  • Optimising Inventory and Warehouse Management: With accessible, real-time inventory oversight, companies can minimise waste, reduce the need for adjustments and variances, and get more orders

“From our modest beginnings in a garage using Sage 50 to our current achievements of nearly $26 million in sales with the support of Sage Intacct, we are continually transforming,” said Joe Berg, Co-Owner, DJ Products, Inc.

Now, at a pivotal moment in refining our operations, the introduction of Sage SDMO has given us unparalleled visibility into production tracking, scheduling, and costing, enabling us to make informed decisions swiftly. It has revolutionised our ability to forecast, control costs, and customise offerings for our customers, elevating our position in the material handling equipment sector. It’s truly a game changer.”

SDMO is available both fully integrated with Sage Intacct and as a standalone operations management platform, ensuring small and mid-sized businesses have access the powerful ERP capabilities needed to adapt and thrive in varying economic conditions.

For more information on SDMO, Click here.

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Sage Increases Efficiency and Improves Scalability for Distributors and Manufacturers