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Northbound Networks SD-WAN – Improve your company network across multiple branches

Northbound Networks is a leading provider of tailored networking and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions in South Africa.

Its SD-WAN solutions are well-respected in the market and provide its clients with enhanced network performance, security, cost efficiency, and customer experience – no matter the size of their operations.

To achieve this, Northbound Networks has built its business model around being vendor-agnostic, allowing it to craft tailored solutions that meet customers’ specific needs.

This is thanks to how it sees itself as an extension of its clients’ IT departments and is focused on transforming IT from an undesirable cost to a generator of value.

Northbound Networks’ approach to SD-WAN

In Northbound Networks’ experience, one of the biggest issues in many SD-WAN implementations occurs when the underlay network is ignored.

This is because even the best overlay network is only as good as the hardware it is built on.

Northbound Networks therefore does a comprehensive baseline check on the state of the underlay network before building an overlay network.

This check is performed by Northbound Networks’ top industry experts, who will identify any issues with the underlay network that could impact the success of the SD-WAN as a whole, ensuring that you don’t invest in an SD-WAN with fundamental flaws at its core.

Once the underlay network has been approved, these experts will meticulously build the overlay network on top of it to ensure your business gets the best possible SD-WAN implementation across all of your branches.

This network will have numerous benefits, including reduced network complexity, improved application performance, removal of security concerns, and superior cost management.

It will also give your business more opportunities to explore new security features and emerging technologies, such as 5G and IoT.

Post-installation monitoring

Northbound Networks does not believe in dropping an SD-WAN and leaving you to your own devices.

Instead, it offers extensive monitoring capabilities well after the implementation is complete to ensure you continue getting the best performance out of your SD-WAN.

Northbound Networks’ monitoring services will keep your SD-WAN working seamlessly with your cloud applications, while also maintaining a secure and reliable way for employees to connect to these services.

It will also manage your traffic allocation and network performance, checking for obstacles or bottlenecks that could reduce your SD-WAN’s efficiency.

The end result of this post-installation monitoring? Greater flexibility, scalability, and cost savings over time.

Click here to read a case study about how Northbound Networks helped a prominent South African grocery chain implement an SD-WAN.

Northbound Networks

With extensive experience planning, deploying, configuring, optimising, and managing these solutions for businesses, Northbound Networks is the ultimate partner for your SD-WAN and networking needs.

Its tailored network solutions will help your business optimise operations, save costs, and improve customer retention.

Learn more about Northbound Networks SD-WAN solutions.

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Northbound Networks SD-WAN – Improve your company network across multiple branches