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How Momentum Multiply is keeping its members healthy and happy

Momentum Multiply recently held a media roundtable in Sandton to discuss the importance of maintaining your health and wellbeing in the digital age.

The event was hosted by Dr Michael Mol, a well-known medical doctor and media personality, and featured discussions with Head of Momentum Multiply Márcia Eugénio and Chief Marketing Officer of Momentum Health Solutions, Damian McHugh.

The discussion covered important medical insights in the digital age, as well as Momentum Multiply’s efforts to raise its members’ understanding and awareness of their wellbeing.

Watch the interview with Momentum Multiply Head Márcia Eugénio and Momentum Health Solutions’ Chief Marketing Officer Damian McHugh below.

Supporting personal health

Eugénio explained that in the past, it was harder to identify health issues before they became a problem – which could result in them spiralling out of control.

Through the use of the latest digital technologies, Momentum Multiply has now placed a big focus on picking up health issues early.

To do this, it has integrated health, fitness, and recharge assessments natively in its smartphone app. The digital health and fitness screening can be completed by its members within 90 seconds and provide a good indication of a person’s current state of health.

Momentum Multiply also supports the use of wearable devices such as smartwatches, and uses its app to collect health data more accurately.

Thanks to this, Momentum Multiply can offer its members daily advice about how to stay healthy and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Mbali Mapholi, a well-regarded dietitian (left) and Dr Kirti Ranchod, a neurologist and brain health consultant for Memorability (right).

Rewarding healthy living

Another key factor in Momentum Multiply’s plan to improve its members’ health is rewarding healthy behaviours.

Rather than focusing on only rewarding people who are already healthy, it strongly believes in rewarding both healthy members and those striving to improve their health.

Even if this is as simple as taking chronic medication or walking daily, Momentum Multiply will provide substantial benefits and rewards to these individuals.

This focus on wellness and healthy living extends to mental health, too.

As mental health is affected by diet, sleep patterns, and stress, Momentum Multiply can use its data to provide advice and incentives to members to create routines and make lifestyle choices that reduce their mental fatigue.

For instance: It encourages its members take a quick Recharge Scan every morning. This gives them a Recharge Score and shows their readiness for the day.

Based on this assessment, Momentum Multiply will recommend steps members can take to improve this score – which contributes to their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Ultimately, Momentum Multiply believes its holistic approach to incentivising wellness will help its members live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

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The host of the event, Dr Michael Mol.

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How Momentum Multiply is keeping its members healthy and happy