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The massive successes of Foster-Melliar learnerships – how you benefit

Foster-Melliar is a fully accredited consulting, training, and skills development provider in South Africa that delivers the skills and momentum companies need to grow quickly and sustainably.

It does this through learnership programmes that upskill and empower your employees to become valuable contributors to your business’s success.

Its learnership programmes run over a one-year period and prepare learners for the workplace while exposing them to theory and practical training – giving them the skills they need to execute their jobs effectively and efficiently.

These learnerships are work-based learning programmes that provide your employees with a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) registered qualification.

As a result, they are recognised as formal post-matric qualifications, making them extremely beneficial to individuals and the businesses that employ them.

Each learnership programme is based on an agreement between an employer, a learner, and a training provider – such as Foster-Melliar.

When the learner completes the learnership, the employer can choose to offer them a position according to their performance during the programme.

Impressive track record

Since 2020, Foster-Melliar has achieved remarkable success in training learners, with over 1,000 learners having completed its programmes at an impressive 96.6% completion rate.

Thanks to its rigorous, high-quality training, a further 88.6% of the learners who completed its programmes were found to be competent, meaning their competency was certified by a relevant Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

84.6% of these learners were then absorbed into employment or other leadership programmes, indicating an incredible success rate of Foster-Melliar learnership programmes.

This remarkable success and absorption rate is thanks to the superior quality training it offers and the highly qualified instructors who lead the various courses available within each programme.

Foster-Melliar is also dedicated to offering equal access to all South Africans – as reflected by the fact that out of its 1,000+ learners, over 900 (86.9%) have been individuals with disabilities.

Educate, mentor, and empower

This impressive track record offers your business an exceptional opportunity to upskill and equip its employees with the skills they need to be more proficient and effective.

These learners have been trained in fields including:

  • Technical Support NQF4
  • System Support NQF5
  • System Development NQF4 and NQF5
  • End User Computing NQF3

Foster-Melliar also offers a wide range of other learnerships and continues to grow its training offerings – playing a key role in skills development in South Africa.

Over 1,000 South Africans now have the skills to accelerate their career development and step into management roles in their organisations thanks to Foster-Melliar – and your employees can join them.

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The massive successes of Foster-Melliar learnerships – how you benefit