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How Bolt Business slashed Rentoza’s travel costs in half

Rentoza, a leading South African electronics supplier, saved over 50% on its employee transport costs after partnering with Bolt Business.

Bolt is an all-in-one ride-hailing app that provides quick access to top-rated drivers in comfortable and reliable vehicles.

The Bolt Business product takes this one step further by letting companies control, manage, and pay for their employees’ transport with a single account.

This comprehensive service delivers superior financial value to businesses – which Rentoza discovered firsthand.

We detail how Rentoza saved by using Bolt Business, below.

Choosing Bolt Business

Before it partnered with Bolt Business, Rentoza struggled with the high costs of using transport service providers for its employees.

This frequently resulted in Rentoza going over budget on its transport costs, which forced it to impose restrictions on its staff.

Many of these employees worked the late shift and needed safe transport – making these restrictions difficult to implement – and resulted in Rentoza exploring alternative transport options.

Thanks to Bolt Business’s competitive pricing and simple management system, it was the logical choice.

The cost savings were evident from the start, while the user-friendly interface of Bolt Business simplified coordinating and managing employee transport schedules.

The onboarding process for Bolt Business was simple, too, and it even offered training and support to Rentoza and its employees on how to use the platform.

Huge savings and convenience

After it started using Bolt Business, Rentoza halved its employee transport bill thanks to Bolt’s superior pricing.

This was complemented by the simplicity and functionality of the Bolt app, which allowed employees to schedule their rides in advance without incurring additional costs.

Thanks to the reduced costs, Rentoza employees are no longer subject to ride-related restrictions and can always catch a safe lift home from work without any delays.

There is also an added benefit for night shift workers, as Bolt Business designates specific drivers to certain areas. This allows employees to familiarise themselves with to the drivers and build relationships with these individuals.

Overall, Rentoza is extremely satisfied with Bolt Business and its employees have reported they now feel comfortable working the late shift, thanks to the reliable and trustworthy transport they have access to.

The service has been so well-received, in fact, that Rentoza used Bolt Business to ensure all its employees got home safely after the company’s year-end function.

This proves that Bolt Business goes the extra mile for South African businesses.

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How Bolt Business slashed Rentoza’s travel costs in half