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Shape the future of service desks in South Africa – Take this ITSM survey

Pink Elephant is excited to announce the launch of the 2024 Service Desks in South Africa Benchmark Report Survey.

This survey will gather vital data and insights that will shape the future of IT service management in South Africa.

By participating in this survey, industry professionals will contribute to a comprehensive, industry-wide understanding of current trends, challenges, and best practices in the service desk sector.

Key 2023 report findings

The 2023 Service Desk Benchmark Report was a massive success.

Its participants spanned a wide range of sectors, including software and technology (32%) and financial services (13%).

It was dominated by Gauteng and Western Cape professionals, with 78% and 15% of participants coming from these regions respectively.

It highlighted several key trends and findings, including the following:

  • Service Desk Capacity – Most organisations logged fewer than 500 incidents monthly, and there was a growing emphasis on self-service to deflect tickets.
  • Staffing and Service Levels – The report provided detailed insights into staffing patterns, highlighting the correlation between staff numbers and service efficiency.
  • Technology and Automation – Emerging technologies, including ITSM suites and remote assistance tools, were identified as critical factors in enhancing service desk operations.

To provide context for the 2024 event and encourage informed participation, Pink Elephant has made the 2023 Service Desk Benchmark Report free to download.

Click here to download the 2023 report

About the 2024 survey

Pink Elephant is running another survey in 2024 because as the IT service management landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay informed about the latest developments and benchmarks.

These new findings will empower organisations to optimise their IT service management strategies and improve overall service quality in alignment with the latest trends.

The 2024 survey will provide valuable insights into service desk operations, staffing, technology adoption, and customer satisfaction.

The 2024 survey will also place a significant emphasis on the rapidly expanding role of AI technologies within service desks, as AI is not just a trend but a revolutionary force transforming how service desks operate.

It offers unparalleled solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

This year’s survey will provide comparative insights into how the market has shifted due to AI adoption, building on the findings from last year.

Pink Elephant invites IT professionals, service desk managers, and industry stakeholders to participate in the 2024 survey.

Your insights and experiences are invaluable in helping it create a detailed benchmark report that will benefit the entire IT service management community in South Africa.

By contributing to this survey, you will help shape industry standards and best practices.

Click here to take the survey.

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Shape the future of service desks in South Africa – Take this ITSM survey