Vox’s big IoT mission

Vox CEO Jacques du Toit has outlined the company’s plans for 2018 and beyond, while speaking at the Vox Business Partner Conference in Pretoria.

Vox plans to deliver an expanded fibre network, along with a cutting-edge IoT platform and integrated digital entertainment products.

Du Toit said Vox continues to invest in infrastructure, which it hopes will spark the development of fibre-to-the-home in more remote areas – where it has already deployed fibre-to-the-business solutions.

In 2017, Vox connected 14,000 FTTH customers and passed 26,000 homes. It also connected 8,000 FTTB customers and passed 11,000 businesses.

Du Toit said Vox aims to become a technology partner to customers, delivering a variety of products built on its connectivity infrastructure, including cloud, security, IoT, and entertainment services.

IoT platform

Du Toit also outlined Vox’s plan for the launch of a smart IoT platform.

The company aims to offer a suite of IoT products built on an advanced, secure platform which runs on multiple networks already implemented in South Africa – including Sigfox.

“By the end of March, we will have an IoT product and platform available to collect and process data across numerous applications,” said du Toit.

Vox’s IoT platform will support multiple applications, including:

  • Metering services (water, electricity)
  • Security
  • Geyser protection
  • Asset tracking
  • Animal behaviour tracking
  • On-board vehicle diagnostics

The IoT platform will monitor all devices connected to the network and analyse trends to identify any issues.

Du Toit also announced the pricing of Vox’s IoT products:

  • Hardware – R37 per month
  • Connectivity – R12 per year
  • Platform – R50 per month

Vox’s IoT products will be rolled out early this year, with animal behaviour tracking launching by the end of February, metering services in March, and on-board diagnostics in April.

Vox said it would continue to grow its suite of IoT services along with its other range of second-layer products offered to consumers and businesses.


Du Toit said the company is also working closely with Discover Digital to make DEOD available to its customers.

DEOD is an online video service which recently launched in South Africa and offers live streaming, on-demand content, and movie rentals.

Vox said its DEOD pricing would start at R34 per month.

Additionally, Vox is working with other companies to offer entertainment services on its platform, said du Toit.

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Vox’s big IoT mission