New IoT products from Vox – The details

Vox has released information on its new IoT applications, outlining what is has launched along with plans for future devices.

The company has partnered with SqwidNet to provide customers with connectivity, data analytics, and reporting for Internet of Things applications.

SqwidNet is a local network provider for IoT systems and the sole Sigfox operator in South Africa.

Vox’s plans for a smart IoT platform include a number of products, and the company is involved with the implementation of numerous IoT applications in the SME sector.

Vox Kudu

IoT apps

SqidNet’s IoT network allows for the deployment of cheap, low-energy devices which can reliably and regularly transfer data.

Internet of Things devices have the potential to greatly improve performance and efficiency across a large number of industries, from agriculture to freight to transport.

There are a number of applications which Vox has launched on its smart IoT platform, including:

  • Animal Tracking – Vox’s animal monitoring IoT application can provide information on livestock location and health.
  • Tamper Alert – Vox’s anti-tamper product reports any attempt to compromise the monitored payload through a change in temperature, shock, movement, or tilt, and can trigger an alarm.
  • Asset Tracker – Allows users to track cargo or devices through an easy-to-use and powerful application.

These applications are available from the Vox website and can be purchased outright or through a fixed rental contract.

The prices for Vox’s existing IoT products are listed below.

Product Price Outright Purchase 12-Month Rental 24-Month Rental 36-Month Rental
Asset Tracker (GPS) R50 pm R899 R81 pm R45 pm R36 pm
Tamper Alert (GPS) R50 pm R899 R81 pm R45 pm R36 pm
Tamper Alert (No GPS) R40 pm R669 R60 pm R33 pm R27 pm
Animal Tracking (GPS) R75 pm R1,800 R162 pm R90 pm R72 pm

Vox vehicle tracking

Upcoming IoT products

Vox also outlined the upcoming IoT applications it would launch on its smart platform.

All of these devices can be monitored by a smartphone application and aim to improve efficiency across everything from billing issues to vehicle tracking.

Vox said it will release the following IoT apps soon:

  • Utility Tracker – Once installed at a site, this device allows for remote meter readings or data processing, and can detect any issues at the site itself.
  • Vehicle Monitor – This application allows users to remotely monitor their vehicle’s location, fuel consumption, and more.
  • VIP Control – The VIP Control device sports a smart button which can be set up to meet the needs of VIP clients.

Vox said it will launch these products – and more, including a Water Level Alert device – in the next few months, and added that the pricing for the new offerings would be “very disruptive and affordable”.

The company said its primary focus for its IoT products is B2B markets, but added it is looking at launching consumer products later this year.

“We are currently evaluating several B2C products that will be launched later this year, including a domestic animal tracker with a battery anatomy of two years,” said a Vox spokesperson.

By building its own IoT platform instead of partnering with an international company, Vox said it has the ability to launch an IoT ecosystem which is device and network agnostic.

“To this end, we are able to launch new IoT products enabled by applications for Android, iOS, and Web Browsers at a rapid rate.”

“Since we own the code to our IoT platform, we can build bespoke solutions for our customers as they are required.”

Vox said it also only uses local IoT device manufacturers to ensure the products it launches are built for South African conditions.

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New IoT products from Vox – The details