17 things you can buy on the Dark Web

The “Dark Web” is commonly associated with criminal activity, hacking, and other controversial topics, but it is not illegal by nature.

However, it is a common tool among criminals due to the anonymity of the Tor Browser which is required to access it.

Ordering various products for delivery is also possible on the dark web, including drugs and fake credit cards.

Various services are offered to visitors of specific websites, too, including hacking and assassination services.

Using Tor, we visited several marketplaces that offered guns, drugs, illegal services, fake goods, and malware through a similar interface to a regular online store.

Additionally, it must be noted that the dark web not only plays host to a variety of illegal marketplaces – is also used to distribute illegal material.

MyBroadband in no way endorses these aspects of the dark web and many of the items shown below are illegal. This article is for information purposes only.

Below is a list of what we found on the dark web, with prices converted from Bitcoin to rand at the time of writing.

Credit card dumps – R348

Credit card dumps

Marijuana (227g) – R7,106

Marijuana (227g)

Counterfeit gold bar – R1,108

Counterfeit gold bar

“Gucci” Hoodie – R554

Gucci Hoodie

“Air Jordan” 1 Low sneakers – R1,232

Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers

Bitcoin ransomware bundle – R143

Bitcoin ransomware bundle

Fake IDs and driver’s licences – R4,028

Fake IDs and driver's licences

330ug LSD Blotters – R4,742

330ug LSD Blotters

Crack cocaine (0.5g) – R932

Crack cocaine (0

Aviator Blue “Ray-Ban” sunglasses – R80

Aviator Blue Ray-Ban sunglasses

$5,000 in counterfeit US bank notes – R11,177

$5,000 in counterfeit US bank notes

Cryptocurrency trading tips – R639

Cryptocurrency trading tips

Heroin (5g) – R5,435

Heroin (5g)

Desert Eagle 357 handgun – R12,724

Desert Eagle 357 handgun

Custom AK 47 rifle – R23,876

Custom AK 47

Barrett M107A1 rifle – R33,419

Barrett M107A1

FN PS90 rifle – R10,341

FN PS90 rifle

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17 things you can buy on the Dark Web