Here they are: All CliffCentral’s audience numbers

Gareth Cliff’s new venture CliffCentral was launched on 1 May 2014, creating an online platform which “delivers unrestricted radio content in an interactive way”.

CliffCentral’s first show was “The Gareth Cliff Show”, which featured Cliff, Mabale Moloi, Leigh-Ann Mol, Damon Kalvari, and Siya Sangweni-Fynn.

People who wanted to listen to the show could do so through the CliffCentral website, stream it through WeChat, or view it on Comedy Central.

Many other big names joined CliffCentral, including Stan Katz, Casper de Vries, Trevor Gumbi, Tony Ndoro, Penny Lebyane, Tumisho Masha, and Arye Kellman.

Comedy Central cancels the show

At the end of June, only two months after CliffCentral launched, The Gareth Cliff Show was cancelled on Comedy Central because the viewership figures for the show were too low.

Cliff brushed off the cancellation, saying it would help them to focus. “I’m delighted to reclaim my studio from all the cameras, cables, and lights that inevitably come with TV. The vast majority of my audience are thrilled they won’t have to look at me and can keep listening instead,” said Cliff.

However, this raised the question as to whether CliffCentral would gain enough traction to support the venture. This question was particularly relevant considering previous scandals regarding online radio figures.


CliffCentral plays open cards

MyBroadband contacted CliffCentral for information regarding its audience figures, and the company provided full access to its statistics. This included its streaming server stats and its website analytics.

Cliff added that they would support any industry initiative to report figures for online radio in a consistent and transparent manner.

Radio listener figures, however, are only one part of CliffCentral. Its website and social media platforms form part of the business, and, therefore, the associated figures form part of the business.

“The actual live listening forms a small part of a holistic approach which aims to integrate the multiple ways people are engaging on the various online platforms,” Cliff explained.

The following sections provide an overview of CliffCentral’s audience on all its platforms for June 2014.

CliffCentral website statistics

In June 2014, CliffCentral attracted 47,209 unique users, and served 282,242 pages to these readers.

What should be encouraging for CliffCentral is that 69.1% of the website’s sessions came from returning visitors, which means that it has already built a strong community.

CliffCentral website
CliffCentral website

CliffCentral social media

CliffCentral has a strong focus on its social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WeChat – and here the company has shown impressive growth.

CliffCentral currently has 27,100 Twitter followers and 44,103 Facebook likes. WeChat has been the biggest hit, with over 111 000 subscribers.

CliffCentral’s YouTube and Instagram numbers are less impressive, with only 887 channel subscribers and 2,486 followers respectively.

CliffCentral social media
CliffCentral social media

CliffCentral’s weekly listener figures

CliffCentral’s listener figures come from three main platforms: its website, WeChat, and downloadable podcasts.

To accurately assess any CliffCentral show’s audience, all three these components must be taken into account.

The following image provides an overview of the weekly listener statistics for CliffCentral.

CliffCentral listeners
CliffCentral listeners

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Here they are: All CliffCentral’s audience numbers