God can stop piracy: study

A new paper on piracy and religion states that God appears to be “one of the few” who can change people’s attitudes towards piracy.

According to a report by TorrentFreak, researchers from Australia examined the relationship between religious attitudes and piracy – finding that people who are “more religious” have negative feelings towards digital piracy.

Respondents in the study were asked what they would do if their pastor, friends, religion, or God told them not to pirate.

“Among the four referents, only God was the referent with the strongest influence that could discourage respondents from buying pirated media,” the researcher stated.

If respondents were told by their religion or pastor not to pirate, it was unlikely to change their behaviour.

“Religious institutions, in cooperation with educational institutions, could work together to communicate a strong message against digital piracy,” the researchers proposed.

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God can stop piracy: study