How much South African Internet users earn per month

Effective Measure has released its March 2016 demographics report, which shows that most South African Internet users have a household income of less than R20,000 per month.

Effective Measure is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for South Africa’s top websites.

Effective Measure’s March 2016 statistics are based on 255,252 online surveys completed by local Internet users.

The table below provides an overview of the demographics of South African Internet users.

South African Internet User Demographics
Gender Percentage
Male 50.03%
Female 49.97%
Age Percentage
15-19 7.38%
20-24 33.30%
25-34 32.24%
35-44 14.41%
45-49 4.78%
50-54 2.34%
55-64 2.98%
65+ 2.59%
Which province do you reside in? Percentage
Eastern Cape 7.07%
Free State 4.33%
Gauteng 38.57%
KZN 16.28%
Limpopo 8.66%
Mpumalanga 7.03%
North West 4.71%
Northern Cape 1.51%
Western Cape 11.84%
Monthly household income Percentage
R1 to R2,999 17.25%
R3,000 to R5,999 15.17%
R6,000 to R11,999 11.80%
R12,000 to R19,999 8.19%
R20,000 to R29,999 5.43%
R30,000 to R49,999 4.58%
R50,000 to R69,999 2.41%
R70,000+ 2.98%
Dependent / no income / don’t work 20.67%
Prefer not to say 11.52%
What type of device are you accessing the Internet from right now? Percentage
Desktop personal computer 9.40%
Work or personal laptop 15.26%
Mobile phone 60.10%
Tablet 11.28%
Other device 2.05%
Do not know 1.91%
What type of connection are you accessing the Internet from right now (desktop)?  Percentage
Dial-up (Standard telephone line) 4.97%
ADSL 42.51%
Mobile data (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, LTE) 31.43%
Fibre 5.39%
Do not know 15.69%

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How much South African Internet users earn per month