Piracy notices from your ADSL ISP

A Cybersmart subscriber recently forwarded a copyright abuse claim to MyBroadband from a company called Vobile, acting on behalf of Viacom.

The subscriber had allegedly downloaded an episode of the show Legend of Korra, which airs on Nickelodeon – a channel owned by Viacom.

Cybersmart said it forwards such abuse notices – including copyright notices – to subscribers as the law is not clear about an ISP’s responsibility.

“It is not clear that we are obliged to do so, but we do not see the harm in doing so,” said Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov.

“It gives the customer an opportunity to correct his infringement if he knows about it, or to fix the problem if he doesn’t.”

MyBroadband asked what would happen if a subscriber ignored a copyright abuse notice, and Cybersmart said it will not do anything further unless it is legally instructed to do so.

“We will not give customer information out on the strength of an email,” said Fialkov.

What a copyright abuse notice looks like

A redacted version of Cybersmart’s abuse notice is shown below.

Copyright abuse notice - redacted

Availability of Legend of Korra in South Africa

Legend of Korra - Korra bending

Legend of Korra is not readily available in South Africa, with Nickelodeon Africa showing episodes from the first season on DStv channel 305 at 01:30 on Sunday mornings.

No episodes from the subsequent seasons are on the channel.

The only other way to legally watch the show in South Africa is to buy imported DVDs or Blu-rays.

Viacom was asked why Legend of Korra isn’t widely available in South Africa, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

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Piracy notices from your ADSL ISP