Google does not have to hide torrent search results

The High Court of Paris has ruled that Google and Bing do not have to implement automatic filters to scrub torrent-related results from searches.

According to a report by BetaNews, French music industry group SNEP went to the court with the request that Microsoft and Google automatically filter out links to pirated material.

“The group had called for a complete block on searches that include the word “torrent” as well as blocking sites whose name includes the word,” stated the report.

The court stated that the request was too broad, and pertained to all websites accessible through the search term in question.

It said a torrent is not necessarily associated with infringing content.

“[Torrent] is primarily a common noun, with a meaning in French and in English; it also refers to a neutral communication protocol developed by the company BitTorrent that enables access to lawfully-downloaded files,” said the court.

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Google does not have to hide torrent search results