Cloudflare says it cannot shut down pirate sites

Cloudflare has asked a California federal court to dismiss ALS Scan’s “facially invalid” copyright complaint.

In August porn site ALS Scan filed a lawsuit against Cloudflare, saying that the company is helping pirate sites stay online, which is hurting ALS’ business.

Among CloudFlare’s best-known customers is The Pirate Bay, the report said.

CloudFlare offers denial of service protection and content delivery network services that are used by many websites around the world.

“The problems faced by ALS are not limited to the growing presence of sites featuring infringing content, or ‘pirate’ sites. A growing number of service providers are helping pirate sites thrive by supporting and engaging in commerce with these sites,” ALS said.

Cloudflare has now responded, saying the ALS lawsuit is a “facially invalid First Amended Complaint”.

According to Cloudflare, ALS’s complaint merely parrots the legal elements of its claims against piracy sites, but lacks any specific factual allegations to sustain them against Cloudflare.

“ALS fails to plead how CloudFlare’s provision of generally applicable services used by a vast array of customers specifically encourages or induces infringing activity,” the company said.

“Similarly, ALS fails to allege how CloudFlare purportedly has a material impact on the infringing activity.”

“This Court should reject ALS’s attempts to multiply its claims, and dismiss its facially invalid First Amended Complaint in full,” Cloudflare said.

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Cloudflare says it cannot shut down pirate sites