Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week

Welcome to the first edition of a new weekly article, Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week.

Like the tech deals article, this will run every Friday and (hopefully) provide some comic relief before you head home for the weekend.

We will also throw in a couple insightful comments, which are never in short supply thanks to the vast number of techies and IT professionals who are members on our site.

Enjoy the best comments of the week below.

The Nokia 3310 is not indestructible – here’s proof

Kao: That’s how they make Nokias… eish they played it in reverse to look like they destroying it.

Icbxx: This is a blatant special-effect-ridden video that aims to show that a 3310 is in fact mortal. There are many genuine videos showing that the 3310 is indestructible, even one where it derails a freight train.

How to make your SSD last longer

Gaz{M}: Remember, reading from the SSD does not count as wear, only writing to the SSD. I’ve seen calculations that SSDs should last at least 10 years even for relatively-heavy home PC usage and up to 100 years with light usage. Their algorithms are programmed to randomly spread out the written data to avoid only certain memory cells getting over used.

Waylander: I’ve been slapping my 2TB 850 Evo for nearly a year with heavy loads and it’s still running fine.

How much money you can make as an Uber driver

Craig: I was in the States last year and found something quite interesting. A lot of Uber drivers use it as a way to ‘fill in’ open hours. So for example, if your job is in office printing supplies, there’s quite a bit of opportunity to sneak in some Uber driving. Clever little way to supplement the month’s earnings if you are already on the road.

TV Licence non-payment penalties

Bradley: Dear MyBroadband Reader, Tell the SABC to get knotted.

Kind regards, A Sane Member Of The Public.

Thor: Naked ADSL and the ability to buy a 65″ TV for Netflix no strings attached is what this country needs. Why on earth must you pay a subscription to own a TV?

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Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week