Facebook can make you hate your friends

New research shows that the more you learn about other people, the less you like them.

This is in conflict with what most people believe, which is that learning more about others leads to you liking them more.

In the academic paper Less Is More: The Lure of Ambiguity, or Why Familiarity Breeds Contempt, the researchers said ambiguity leads to “liking”.

The inverse is also true where, familiarity can breed contempt.

“Once evidence of dissimilarity is encountered, subsequent information is more likely to be interpreted as further evidence of dissimilarity, leading to decreased liking,” said the paper.

The researchers pointed out that the occasional house guest may grow on us, but, on average, the majority will not.

This also applies to social media, like Facebook, where people share personal information about themselves.

Facebook users therefore learn more about their friends, which most of the time will lead to them being liked less.

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Facebook can make you hate your friends