“The news is broken and we can fix it”

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is developing a new platform called Wikitribune – a “living, breathing tool that’ll present accurate information with real evidence”.

Wikitribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together.

The project wants to ensure that journalists only write articles based on facts they can verify, and that users can see the sources which are used in articles.

Wikitribune is ad-free to remove potential vested interests which can influence articles, and is free to use.

Anyone can flag or fix an article and submit it for review on Wikitribune.

“In most news sites, the community tends to hang at the bottom of articles in comments that serve little purpose.”

Wikitribune puts community at the top, it said.

“Articles are authored, fact-checked, and verified by professional journalists and community members working side by side as equals,” it said.

Most Wikitribune funding will be used for paying journalists, with the aim of hiring 10 journalists to write for the platform.


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“The news is broken and we can fix it”