Internet-of-Things service for less than R1 per month

SqwidNet is rolling out an extensive Internet-of-Things (IoT) network in South Africa, which offers affordable IoT services.

SqwidNet’s Sigfox IoT network has already achieved 38% population coverage in South Africa and will grow to 85% coverage within the next year.

The network uses the 868MHz ISM Band to provide ultra-narrowband, long-range, low-power, secure IoT connectivity to sensors and devices.

SqwidNet base stations are deployed on a range of sites, including existing fixed and mobile operator high sites, radio tower provider sites, and private high sites.

What sets SqwidNet’s Sigfox IoT network apart is that its purpose is large-scale IoT deployment – designed for small data volumes from a high number of devices.

The base stations are long-range, designed for line of sight coverage of up to 40km.

“We have, however, deployed base stations that cover a distance of over 100km,” said SqwidNet CEO Reshaad Sha.

The coverage of these base stations reduces the number required and the associated coverage costs, contributing to low operating and connectivity costs.

“All SqwidNet base stations connect to the Sigfox cloud, and this contributes to reduced OSS and BSS deployments and associated costs.”

Low-cost IoT solution

Sha said there are many services which require very long battery life, a secure data submission protocol, a robust operating environment, and a small data payload – all at a low cost.

This is where SqwidNet excels, offering services with pricing which is far lower than traditional SIM-based services.

SqwidNet’s pricing is based on volume and the payment options selection, with even the high end affordable.

The prices range from R8 per device per year, to a maximum of R112 per device per year.

IoT services which can benefit

SqwidNet is a wholesale connectivity provider and addresses the market through channel partners in the form of system integrators, device makers, service providers, and application providers.

Many industries and services can benefit from SqwidNet’s IoT network, including the government, municipalities, utilities, automotive companies, the retail sector, and agriculture.

The platform can automate water, electricity, gas, and fuel metering, which can save costs and improve efficiencies for municipalities.

The retail sector can benefit through smart buttons, package pick-up services, and customer satisfaction monitoring.

It is also a valuable addition to the agriculture sector, with livestock management, smart irrigation, soil moisture monitoring, weather stations, wind monitoring, and connected rain gauges all a possibility.

Home users can use the service for their home alarm systems, smoke detectors, water quality monitoring, and water leak detection.

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Internet-of-Things service for less than R1 per month