Affordable, secure vehicle tracking through South African IoT network

SqwidNet is currently rolling out an extensive Internet-of-Things (IoT) network in South Africa, which will cover 85% of the population within the next year.

SqwidNet’s Sigfox IoT network offers services from as little as R8 per device per year, with prices going up to a maximum of R112 per device per year.

The low cost and security of the IoT network means it is a perfect backup service for primary and secondary devices used by vehicle tracking companies.

The small footprint of the potential devices, long battery life, and low cost also make it possible to connect a larger number of vehicles which are currently not being tracked.

The SqwidNet solution can offers small devices, which mean they can be hidden in almost any vehicle.

It also offers deep indoor penetration, which makes locating a vehicle in indoor or underground locations – such as a basement – possible.

Protecting against jamming devices

One of the biggest benefits of the Sigfox IoT devices is that they are also designed to be resistant to jamming technologies.

Jamming devices are used by criminals to prevent vehicle tracking companies from tracking stolen trucks and cars.

These jamming devices are readily available through underground networks and easily overwhelm a standard GPS unit.

The Sigfox IoT devices on the SqwidNet network offer far better protection against jamming.

Each message is transmitted three times, using time diversity and frequency diversity.

Additionally, the network has been designed so that each transmission is received by a minimum of three base stations – resulting in spatial diversity.

A jammer would typically need to have a signal which is 60dB stronger than the message being transmitted, within less than 25kHz of the signal.

The time diversity coupled with the frequency diversity of the Sigfox solution significantly reduces the probability of jamming.

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Affordable, secure vehicle tracking through South African IoT network