Majority of US citizens get news on social media

According to a survey from Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans currently get at least some of their news on social media.

The report, which drew data from a panel of 4,971 respondents, revealed a modest increase in the use of social media for news.

In early 2006, 62% of US adults reported getting news from social media.

For the first time in the surveys, 55% of Americans ages 50 or older reported getting news on social media sites.

This is 10 percentage points higher than 2016. Those under 50 still remain more likely than their elders to get news from social media sites.

Social media news use also increased among those with less than a bachelor’s degree, up 9 percentage points to 69% in 2017.

Among those with at least a college degree, social media news use declined slightly.



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Majority of US citizens get news on social media