How many South Africans are on Facebook

World Wide Worx has revealed the results of its latest research into South Africa’s social media landscape.

Managing director Arthur Goldstuck said the number of people on Facebook in South Africa has grown to 16 million – with 14 million accessing the service from a mobile device.

“The data shows that mobile is driving social in South Africa, and particularly that mobile is driving Facebook,” said Goldstuck.

He said we are heading toward a third of South Africa’s population being on Facebook.

“Bearing in mind that under-13s are not allowed on Facebook, that is close to half of the eligible population using the platform.”

Twitter also remains a popular place for public discourse in South Africa, and Goldstuck said they have seen the number of subscribers grow slowly, but steadily.

They estimate the number of Twitter users in South Africa to be 8 million.

Subscriber numbers in 2017

Platform Users
Facebook 16 million
Twitter 8 million (est.)
Instagram 3.8 million
LinkedIn 6.1 million

User engagement

World Wide Worx also looked at user engagement across the various social media platforms.

The average number of likes per Facebook post increased from 108 in 2016 to 387 in 2017. Average comments per post doubled from 12 to 24 in the past year, as did the number of shares – from 11 to 22.

Other platforms saw similar growth, with the average tweet receiving 11 retweets in 2017 (up from 6 in 2016), and 16 favourites (up from 3 in 2016).

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How many South Africans are on Facebook